HollywoodLife is flip-flopping on whether or not Selena Gomez is pregnant. Gossip Cop can shine a light on this latest example of faux journalism.

On Wednesday, HollywoodLife rushed to pick up a tabloid cover story from Life & Style that falsely claimed Gomez was a "pregnant bride." The site breathlessly wrote, "Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are moving fast, and a shocking Jan. 31 report claims that the couple is not only ready for marriage, but that Selena is EXPECTING! So is she going to walk down the aisle as a pregnant pride?!"

In a pathetic show of incompetence, the bad blog couldn't even spell "bride" correctly, or get the date right. The story in question actually came out on February 1. In its article, HollywoodLies regurgitated the claims about Gomez supposedly being "nauseous" and having "cravings," and opined, "That certainly does seem a little fishy."

The post, however, came more than two hours after Gossip Cop debunked the pregnancy tale. We also busted the allegation that Gomez and The Weeknd were marrying. But not content to run one false article, HollywoodLies ran a follow-up later that day all about the couple's supposed wedding plans. Again, all this misinformation had already been debunked.

Then, on Thursday night, came the flip-flop. "Selena [Gomez] is definitely not pregnant with The Weeknd's baby and laughed with her friends and thought the latest rumors were hilarious," a so-called "source" was quoted as telling the webloid. But where was this "source" when HollywoodLies was spreading the false claims the day before?

This is exactly why Gomez calls HollywoodLife "the worst." The outlet picked up a tabloid cover story without any fact-checking, used it as the basis for two wrong articles, and waited more than 24 hours to tell its readers the truth. This is NOT journalism. Rather, it's a mini case study in how a dubious, disreputable site uses fake news to score traffic.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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