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HollywoodLife Protest

By Gossip Cop Staff |

HollywoodLife Protest


In the wake of Justin Bieber calling out HollywoodLife for its “untruthful and hurtful” behavior, it’s become clear to the general public what Gossip Cop has railed about for years: We believe HollywoodLife wilfully makes up some of its stories and, at the least, grossly sensationalizes others.

These tactics need to be stopped. It isn’t journalism. It’s a concerted effort to seemingly fabricate reports and manipulate news to drive traffic to the unreliable site. The public demands accurate reporting, be it in politics, sports or celebrity news. Now, Gossip Cop has a list of ways YOU can help make this happen.

(1) DON’T Click On HollywoodLife Stories. By clicking on what we believe are manufactured articles, you’re just rewarding HollywoodLies. That includes clicking links on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media services, in addition to clicking around the website itself. As Gossip Cop has reported, we believe many of the site’s headlines are sensationally designed to get readers to click on them. Don’t fall for it.

(2) DON’T Share Links To HollywoodLife. By sharing what is believed to be untrue stories published by HollywoodLife, you’re contributing to the distribution of false (and sometimes hurtful) information. Resist the temptation to pass on inaccurate reports, even if it’s to send to another fan to complain about the webloid. You wouldn’t want made-up claims spread about you on the web, so don’t disseminate them about celebrities.

(3) DO Remind Your Social Media Followers Of HollywoodLife’s Practices. You can still campaign against the blog on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram without linking to them. And make sure fandoms of not just Bieber, but all celebrities are aware of how the webloid often regurgitates misinformation without fact-checking from the tabloids and even occasionally fabricates its own stories, as our own reporting indicates.

(4) DO Band Together. There is always strength in numbers, and issues like these are best tackled by a community. Fandoms should come together in coordinated actions, such as collectively using a hashtag (like Bieber’s “#ShutDownHollywoodLife” and “#hollywodlifeisgarbage”), and choosing specific times to protest on social media.

(5) DO Reach Out To Advertisers. Our own reporting shows HollywoodLife seemingly makes up stories to drive up its traffic, which is rewarded by advertising dollars. If you want HollywoodLies to get the picture that you no longer want fake celebrity journalism, contact their advertisers, who are probably unaware that the content next to their ads is sometimes untrue and completely made up. No product wants to be boycotted by certain celebrity fandoms.

(6) DO Contact Media That Reference HollywoodLife. From TV shows like “The View,” “The Talk” and “The Wendy Williams Show” to numerous sites that routinely link to HollywoodLies, tell them to stop sharing stories that are simply untrue. When you see an outlet crediting or citing the webloid, and the report is undeniably wrong, contact the TV programs, magazines, newspapers or other websites and let them know they are distributing blatantly false and inaccurate information. There’s a misconception in journalism that if you link to another outlet and their information is untrue, it’s not your problem. Make it their problem.

(7) DO Complain To Google About HollywoodLife Placement In Search Results. Google rewards “original content,” and there’s nothing more original than a lie that’s never been told before. This seems to be the modus operandi of HollywoodLife, which is why so many of the webloid’s provably wrong and discredited stories top Google searches. The apparently fabricated stories by HollywoodLies then become self-perpetuating, because lazy outlets simply link to the webloid’s untruths, which wrongly (and ironically) signals to Google that HollywoodLife is a trusted source. In reality, as our reporting has shown, it’s a site that shockingly fabricates some of its stories, and gets rewarded by Google because other outlets are mistakenly linking to its “original,” albeit concocted, stories. Use the search engine’s feedback forms to let the Internet giant know it is promoting inaccurate “news.” Similarly, contact Facebook if you see any of the site’s untrue stories on the “trending topics” list.

(8) DO Tell Your Favorite Celebrities Not To Work With HollywoodLife. Well before Bieber called out the site for making up stories, other stars have also named HollywoodLies as the “worst” for its deceptive business practices. Often, we believe entire stories are a complete fabrication, created to lure readers, with the assumption that celebrities will never sue them for little white lies or call them out for their manufactured reports. If you see such wholly untrue claims and debunked articles about your favorite actors, actresses, musicians, and athletes, bombard them with tweets and comments on their Instagram accounts so they know their fans won’t put up with an outlet that so often chooses fiction over fact.

(9) DO Tell HollywoodLife How You Feel. Though the site blocked Gossip Cop on Twitter years ago for pointing out its errors, and has spent much of the past week blocking Bieber fans, you can contact the webloid on social media and demand its reporting practices improve. Gossip Cop fully supports the First Amendment and freedom of the press, but the press should be accurate and ethical. Let the blog know you want to see responsible celebrity journalism.

It’s time to clean up HollywoodLies. Help make it happen.

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