HollywoodLife Caught Making Up Kim Kardashian Birthday Stories

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Kim Kardashian Birthday HollywoodLife

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Birthday HollywoodLife

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HollywoodLife got caught lying again about Kim Kardashian’s birthday. On Friday, Gossip Cop nailed the often discredited site for making up a tall tale about Kanye West throwing a “lavish” party for his wife that was to be attended that night by her celebrity friends. The outlet had the gall to even claim it had “the exclusive details on the epic house party.” But as Gossip Cop reported, the big Kardashian 36th birthday party story was just a big lie. Now, the webloid is at it again.

As a refresher, HollywoodLies alleged in its made-up (for traffic) article that West’s big bash at their home was going to have the feel as if they were “actually out on the town.” The repeatedly disproven outlet further claimed that West was hiring paparazzi to “snap photos of [his] beautiful wife while she’s celebrating her big day with her friends and family.” Not one of the site’s “exclusive details” proved to be true. Not one. In fact, as Gossip Cop noted at the time, a mutual pal of ours and Kardashian guaranteed us “no big party” was being thrown.

Of course, a legitimate outlet would apologize for misleading its readers. But that’s not HollywoodLife. No, the site seemingly flourishes on its fake stories. Interestingly, after Gossip Cop busted the webloid for that fabrication, the outlet threw another theory against the wall, hoping it would stick.

Without mentioning its previous blunder, the site claimed Saturday morning that, despite still being freaked out by the Paris robbery, Kardashian was “ready to party it up.” It even quoted one of its manufactured sources as saying, “Kim really wants to go out tonight to celebrate,” and that she would “try to go out and have a casual dinner with friends and family.”

Strike two. Kardashian did not “party it up” on Saturday night, as the site falsely alleged. Nor did she “go out and have a casual dinner,” as wrongly claimed by the untrustworthy outlet.

This pattern of one lie followed up by another lie, however, should not surprise anyone. Gossip Cop was told by a family insider that in the wake of the holdup, HollywoodLife repeatedly made up stories about Kardashian’s Paris robbery. What’s more, the same Kardashian confidante assured Gossip Cop the site’s “exclusive” stories about the reality star were “all fabrication[s],” and revealed to us that its writers don’t bother to fact-check or verify their claims. Again, if you prefer fiction, HollywoodLies is your outlet. But if you wants facts, keep coming back to Gossip Cop.

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