HollywoodLife has been caught lying about Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas. Gossip Cop can explain what's going on.

On Monday, the webloid blared in a headline, "Is Fergie Kicked Out Of Black Eyed Peas? Former Bandmates Throw Shade On Twitter." Picking up speculation from MediaTakeOut, the site asserted, "You're out of here! It looks like Fergie, 42, has been officially kicked out of the Black Eyed Peas." But because the outlet had no sources of its own, it resorted to asking readers, "Do you think Fergie is out of the group permanently?"

Then, lo and behold, just hours later on Monday, the publication suddenly had "exclusive" insight on the situation. "Why Fergie & The Black Eyed Peas May Have Parted Ways & When It Happened," exclaimed the new headline. In this follow-up piece, HollywoodLies contended, "It appears Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas may have officially split. That much we know."

"Fergie and the [Black Eyed Peas] have parted ways," a so-called "insider close to Peas member will.i.am" supposedly told the webloid, further maintaining, "She wasn't 'kicked out.' It was more a case of they had run their course together and were experiencing creative differences."

But this is all untrue, and will.i.am himself set the record straight. He tweeted on Friday, "[email protected] is focusing on #DoubleDutchess & @BEP is doing #MastersOfTheSun...That doesn't mean @fergie is out of the group #BEP4ever." He went on to write, "People will report what ever they want to report regardless of the sources...
It's a crazy world..."

That's particularly noteworthy since HollywoodLies claimed to have an "insider close to will.i.am." And for her part, Fergie wrote on Twitter, "Everyone knows I will always love and support my @bep brothers, @iamwill, @tabbep, @apldeap." will.i.am. even retweeted the message.

To recap: HollywodLies saw MediaFakeOut's story speculating Fergie was "kicked out" of the group. Magically, the outlet had an "insider" hours later confirming she had "parted ways" and "officially split" from the band. Yet after both of those tales, will.i.am. and Fergie themselves revealed the truth, proving the online publication had fabricated its stories and only pretended, wrongly, to know what was doing on.

And the bad blog has yet to correct the record. While a new "exclusive" was posted on Thursday to soften the narrative by asserting there's no "bad blood" between Fergie and the guys, that article was still written under the guise of the songstress being out of the group. That is quite obviously not the case, and now Gossip Cop fully expects HollywoodLies to flip-flop like it never spread made-up misinformation. And that's why the webloid has earned its nickname.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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