HollywoodLife Lies About Kim Kardashian, Then Steals Gossip Cop Exclusive

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HollywoodLife Kim Kardashian Story

By Shari Weiss |

HollywoodLife Kim Kardashian Story


HollywoodLife has once again been caught lying and stealing. Gossip Cop has repeatedly called out the webloid for its deplorable behavior, and are doing so again after another exclusive of ours was stolen on Friday.

On Wednesday, In Touch published a 100 percent false cover story about Kim Kardashian supposedly being “dumped” by Kanye West after she allegedly caught him texting a former flame. Gossip Cop exclusively corrected the allegations within hours of the issue hitting newsstands. Our bust was posted and widely disseminated at 11:10 a.m Eastern Time.

Hours later, after 3 p.m., HollywoodLife picked up the In Touch story, announcing, “Kim Kardashian Accusing Kanye West Of Cheating With An Ex — Report.” The site regurgitated the already-debunked claims, breathlessly asking, “Oh no! Is this the end of Kimye?” Then, a few hours after that, the webloid ran a second story filled with all the (false) allegations left out of the first post.

“Kanye West Cheating: Kim Kardashian Fears His Ex Wants Revenge — Report,” read the headline, and it was even accompanied by a poll asking readers whether “Kim should worry about Kanye cheating.” Now fast-forward to Friday, more than 48 hours after HollywoodLife’s initial story. That’s when the site exclaimed, “Kanye West Cheating On Kim Kardashian: The Truth Revealed,” with the post marked “EXCLUSIVE!”

The accompanying article was all about how West was NOT cheating, did NOT storm out on Kardashian, and was NOT texting his ex, all based on some “source.” But Gossip Cop already exclusively revealed this truth two days prior, and actually had a rep on the record. We promptly did our due diligence to provide accurate information as soon as possible, only to have HollywoodLife first tell lies and then steal the correction.

This has become part of HollywoodLife’s M.O. The site picks up a provably false tabloid story without any fact-checking whatsoever. It then runs an equally-wrong follow-up post. And then the outlet publishes a third article that claims to have the “exclusive truth.”

And, usually, that “exclusive truth” has already been shared by Gossip Cop. HollywoodLies, as it’s come to be known, does this again and again with no regard for our reporting, and no regard for its readers, who are initially duped with misinformation. This isn’t journalism.

Frankly, it’s not even common decency. And it’s not a one-time thing, either. Gossip Cop drew attention to a similar stunt, interestingly also involving Kardashian, less than a month ago. There have been many other instances as well. So, let’s be clear once more: HollywoodLife is often a fabrication factory, but it’s also sensational and thieving one, too. Check out the photos below to see the documentation of this new incident.



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