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HollywoodLife essentially lied this week when it spread a false report about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West getting divorced. Now the webloid is claiming to have the "truth" and "EXCLUSIVE details." That is also a lie. Gossip Cop can expose it all.

On Wednesday, Life & Style falsely claimed Kardashian and West were set to divorce just weeks before they welcome their third child via surrogate. Within hours of the cover story hitting newsstands, Gossip Cop debunked it, with a rep for Kardashian exclusively telling us the claim was "absolutely false." But even after the record was set straight, HollywoodLife decided to pick up the wrong allegation without any fact-checking and investigating, as seen in this screengrab taken from the site's homepage.


As seen in the additional screengrabs below, HollywoodLies, as it's often called, regurgitated the gossip magazine's untrue assertions, contending that "it seems" there's "trouble in paradise" for Kardashian and West. The online publication did not do any independent reporting of its own and had no confirmation that the claims were legitimate. In fact, proving that it didn't know anything about the validity of the tabloid's report, the webloid actually asked its own readers whether they thought the couple is "splitting."



That is not how real news operations are supposed to work. Journalists don't look to readers to provide answers. Journalists yourself deliver the accurate, true information from the start. The blog did not do that. Instead, it published what was already known to be lies. And then on Thursday night, more than 24 hours later, HollywoodLies reversed course. After first spreading the falsehoods about a divorce, the site then claimed that its "insiders have some answers on how the couple is responding to the divorce rumors."


One such "source" was quoted as saying, "Kim supports her man 100% and they spend a lot of time together... Any rumors that they may be breaking up are simply not true." Of course, Gossip Cop already had this information in our bust, which was published more than a full day before HollywoodLies claimed it "exclusively" had uncovered the "truth." And if the outlet really had "insiders" and "sources" as it now purports, it would've been able to fact-check the Life & Style report immediately, just as we did. But the blog instead went with the misinformation and then manufactured a follow-up story to conceal its misdeeds.

And while Gossip Cop has been assured on numerous occasions that no one close to Kardashian or West dishes scoops to the publication, the website actually makes its lack of inside access clear again when it ends the second piece by asking readers, "Are Kim and Kanye in trouble or is it all hearsay?" Again, a real news organization would be able to deliver straight facts and cite reliable sources without asking readers to answer what is or isn't true. A real news organization wouldn't lie about a couple divorcing and then lie about "exclusively" learning the "truth." But this is exactly why the site has earned the nickname HollywoodLies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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