HollywoodLife has been caught lying about Beyonce's twins being released from the hospital. The fabrication factory alleged the newborn babies went home on June 20, but it is 100 percent untrue. They left the hospital nearly a week afterwards.

In a supposed "exclusive" published on Thursday, June 22, the serial fabricators wrongly announced, "Beyonce & JAY-Z 'Happy & Relieved' New Twins Finally Released From Hospital." In the accompanying story, the site claimed to have "EXCLUSIVELY learned they finally took their twins home on Tuesday evening, June 20." A so-called "source" was quoted as saying, "Beyonce is happy and relieved she finally left the hospital with her new twins late Tuesday after a week in the hospital."

"JAY-Z is also doing well and happy as their doctors approved the release of the newborns after receiving extra care post-delivery. They are now all healthy and doing well," this "source" supposedly told the webloid. Now on Monday, June 26, the site has a new story announcing, "Beyonce & JAY-Z's Twins Reportedly Still Having Health Issues: Hospital Release Date Unclear."

Wait, what about last week's "exclusive" announcing the babies were out of the hospital? Curiously, HollywoodLies makes no mention now of flubbing its previous article, and now admits to not knowing the twins' status. "Although nothing has been confirmed, as of now, it's looking like the newborns HAVE in fact been released from the hospital, but their release date is unclear," writes the site, adding, "Either way though, if Bey's twins really did get to come home, we can only imagine how thrilled she and Jay must be!"

If "nothing has been confirmed," why did HollywoodLies definitively assert that the twins went home nearly a week ago? It seems the bad blog foolishly thought it wouldn't get caught. Gossip Cop , however, pointed out throughout Beyonce's pregnancy and after the delivery that the outlet was pretending to have "sources" close to the superstar and her husband, even though we knew for a fact their camps were not talking about such matters (or any matters, really) with the dubious publication. In this instance, Gossip Cop knew their "twins finally released from hospital" story would blow up in the webloid's face, and now it has.

It's abundantly clear that HollywoodLies is not a trustworthy resource. And if it is going to keep "reporting" on Beyonce and Jay Z, its made-up, untrue stories should be labeled "fiction" or "creative writing." See the contradictory headlines about the twins below.

HollywoodLife Beyonce Twins Home


HollywoodLife Beyonce Twins Hospital


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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