HollywoodLife Sensationalizes Justin Bieber Sprained Ankle

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HollywoodLife Justin Bieber Sprained Ankle

By Shari Weiss |

HollywoodLife Justin Bieber Sprained Ankle


Justin Bieber sprained his ankle on Friday. He’s going to be just fine. But that’s not the way HollywoodLife is spinning it.

The disreputable site exclaims in a dramatic headline, “Justin Bieber Badly Injures His Foot — Is He Cancelling ‘Purpose World Tour’?” Continuing with the over-the-top theatrics and clickbait writing, the accompanying story begins, “Oh no! Justin Bieber hurt his ankle on June 24, and it looks pretty bad! So does this mean he’s going to be forced to call off his ‘Purpose World Tour’? See the brutal pic and find out for yourself, right here.”

Of course, the photo (see above) isn’t “brutal” at all. And Bieber has no intention of canceling his tour, which he made very clear on Instagram when he announced the sprain. “Gonna be taking it easy tonight on stage sprained my ankle playing ball smh all good still gonna crush,” he wrote.

HollywoodLies obviously knew that before writing its story, as it cites Bieber’s Instagram post in the article. So why make it seem like the singer was seriously injured and his tour is in jeopardy? Because the webloid is all about sensationalizing non-scandals and manipulating readers into clicking on its stories.

And that’s the reason why Bieber blasted the outlet as “untruthful and hurtful” earlier this month. HollywoodLife could have simply reported the facts: The singer sprained his ankle, but his Friday night concert is going on as scheduled. But, as the superstar himself said, the site is “garbage,” and clearly rather misrepresent the truth just to score traffic.


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