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HollywoodLife routinely claims to have "exclusives" about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. These stories, however, are fake news. And the webloid's own actions prove it. Gossip Cop can explain how recent articles, when looked at together, expose the site's malpractice.

As we already reported, the fabrication factory claimed in a so-called "exclusive" last month that Bieber was going to spend Thanksgiving with Gomez's family in Texas. Gossip Cop learned that wasn't true and reported so. Time showed we were correct: Gomez spent Thanksgiving at home without her on-and-off boyfriend. The outlet then turned its attention to Christmas.

"Selena Gomez Hoping Justin Bieber Will Spend Christmas With Her & Her Family," stated the headline of an "exclusive" on November 27, in which the blog claimed a "source close to her EXCLUSIVELY" shared that the singer-actress was planning to have Bieber celebrate the holiday with her family in Texas. That's right, just like it said for Thanksgiving. And just like then, Gossip Cop investigated and discovered the story was inaccurate. The Canadian crooner would not be with Gomez's family on Christmas.

After our bust, the online publication flip-flopped on December 8, but buried its reversal in another "exclusive" about the couple's purported New Year's plans. In this piece, it was alleged a "source close to her EXCLUSIVELY" said, "Selena will be spending Christmas with her family in Texas... There are no plans for Justin to join her for the holiday." Why, then, did HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, run a previous "exclusive" contending the opposite?

Then, on December 12, there was a new post with the headline, "Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Why They May Not Spend Christmas Together." Uh, "may not"? The "exclusive" before that flat-out said they wouldn't. As if it never wrote that prior story, the site now merely asserted "They likely won't be spending the holidays together" and "it looks like they'll also be going their separate ways for Christmas." This was all prompted by a report from People. But why did HollywoodLies copy the magazine if it already had a "source" days before saying there were "no plans" for a joint celebration?

To recap: After totally fumbling with Thanksgiving, the webloid announced Gomez was planning for Bieber to join her family with Christmas. It then asserted that Bieber would not be joining them, and then maintained he probably wouldn't, but still asked readers, "Do you think Selena's family really won't invite Justin to Christmas?" This inconsistency is not the result of amnesia. It's what happens when an outlet pretends to have sources but really doesn't.

If HollywoodLies' "exclusives" were real, it never would've said Bieber would be in Texas for Thanksgiving, never would've said he'd be there for Christmas, and never would've flip-flopped and said he's not going to be there only to then waffle on the possibility because of another publication's reporting. The storyline went from definitely to definitely not to maybe but unlikely. There's no straight narrative because the "exclusives" are fake, and the blog's own actions prove that. Check out the screengrabs below.

It's also important to note that this problem with the outlet's faux journalism doesn't only involve Bieber and Gomez. There are many more examples of the blog writing "exclusives" about celebrities simply because they're highly-searched names but simultaneously exposing its stories as illegitimate. For example, HollywoodLies hasn't been able to keep its narrative straight on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby. In June, the site swore in an "exclusive" they were having twins via surrogate. In September, the webloid said it was just one baby who was a girl. In October, the publication speculated about the possibility of twins.

And then in November, there was a new "exclusive" about the couple expecting just a single baby and not finding out the gender. At that point, however, it was already widely known that Kardashian and West were having a daughter, as HollywoodLife itself even said two months prior. The conflicting "exclusives" were proven to be shams. HollywoodLies clearly does not have genuine insight or real inside access in these instances. Fans are only getting fake news and the story themselves expose that.

(HollywoodLife November 27)

(HollywoodLife December 8)

(HollywoodLife December 12)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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