HollywoodLife Wrongly Links Justin Bieber To “Mystery Girl”

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Justin Bieber Mystery Girl HollywoodLife

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Justin Bieber Mystery Girl HollywoodLife

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HollywoodLife is once again proving how little it knows about Justin Bieber. On Thursday, the clueless outlet wrongly linked the superstar to a “mystery girl.” But the woman’s identity wasn’t a mystery at all and the story was fake news.

The webloid blared, “Justin Bieber Hits The Streets Shirtless & Goofs Off With Mystery Girl On Tour Break.” The site wrote in its accompanying article, “Who needs a shirt to have fun? Not Justin Bieber. The ‘Despacito’ singer went shirtless while out in Beverley Hills, having fun with a ‘mystery girl’ after grabbing a bite to eat!” The online publication went on, “It must have been a delicious meal, because Justin ‘pulled a series of funny faces’ with a mystery woman on the sidewalk.”

“Was this ‘mystery woman’ a friend, a fan or just a random stranger who happened to be in the right place at the right time?” the online publication asked its readers, even though as a news outlet, it is supposed to be the one providing the information. The webloid further stated, “Whether or not this ‘mystery woman’ was just a pal or a passerby, she helped Justin live his best life,” and readers were even urged to “click here to see the pics of Justin goofing off with this unknown woman.”

But if HollywoodLies really had insight on Bieber, as it has so often claimed in its “exclusives,” the bad blog would have known that the woman with whom he was pictured was Laura Lentz, the wife of his pastor Carl Lentz, who was also in the photographs. They are often pictured together, and Gossip Cop even pointed out last month that Bieber was hanging out with Laura when TMZ tried spinning a story about him spending time with a “nice chick.” In this new case, HollywoodLies ran its “mystery girl” piece after these latest photos were obtained by the Daily Mail, who initially identified Laura only as a “mystery lady.”

To its credit, however, the British paper realized its mistake and corrected its story within hours of publication, making significant updates to the headline, text and even the URL. Gossip Cop decided to give HollywoodLies the benefit of the doubt, letting time pass to see how it would handle this flub. Now more than 24 hours have gone by and the misleading article remains posted unchanged. That should tell readers all they need to know about how much the webloid cares about accuracy, or doesn’t, as the case may be.

Of course, the singer himself told fans quite a while ago that the site was up to no good. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, last year Bieber called HollywoodLife “untruthful and hurtful.” He further deemed HollywoodLife to be “garbage.” As evidenced by this latest fake news, it’s clear nothing has changed in the time since.

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