HollywoodLife Justin Bieber “Scary” Fall Story Is Fake Concern

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HollywoodLife Justin Bieber Fall

By Shari Weiss |

HollywoodLife Justin Bieber Fall


HollywoodLife is back to writing about Justin Bieber. The webloid published a story on Friday expressing concern after the singer’s “scary” fall, but the only thing the site is really concerned about is its traffic.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Bieber blasted HollywoodLife on Wednesday for its “untruthful and hurtful” stories. That led the bad blog to actually delete a few of its “exclusive” fabrications, and refrain from writing about him altogether on Thursday. But now the outlet is back in the Bieber business.

“Justin Bieber Falls Off Stage During Live Concert — Watch Scary Video,” reads the new headline. The accompanying story (see right) actually begins by asking, “Are you okay, Justin Bieber?” Please. Let’s not pretend HollywoodLies cares about the singer (or any celebrity, for that matter), except for how its relates to web clicks.

And that’s why the site went on to write, “During his June 16 concert in Canada, the ‘Sorry’ singer suddenly made a very dramatic exit — by taking a hard fall through a trap door! Click to watch Justin’s terrifying tumble.” And after calling the fall “scary” and “terrifying,” the ridiculous webloid then makes light of it, writing, “For a moment, it looked as if Justin Bieber, 22, was giving up singing for a new career as a magician. Fans attending one of his live concerts were treated to a scary case of ‘now you see Biebs, now you don’t,’ as Justin completely disappeared.”

HollywoodLife probably thought it was safe to return to writing about Bieber with a factual event (he really did fall). But when it’s done in a way that’s both sensational and silly, it’s still nothing more than “garbage,” as the superstar himself eloquently put it earlier this week. And it’s still all about scoring traffic, as evidenced by the completely unrelated articles the post links to, such as “Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift & More Crazy & Sexy Celeb Feuds.”

And not only is there also a poll querying readers on whether they were “frightened” by Bieber’s fall, but the piece also ends by asking, “Are you glad that Justin is okay after that scary fall, HollywoodLifers?” Who is the site really asking? The Bieber fans they’ve been blocking on Twitter for the last few days? And who, exactly, wouldn’t be glad that Bieber was okay?

This might not have been a fabricated story like so many others from HollywoodLies, but it wasn’t about reporting news (and doing so more than 12 hours late), either. It was a sensational and transparent attempt at clickbait riding on Bieber’s name. And Gossip Cop has it on good authority that that kind of move angers him and other stars just as much the other tactics. That’s why #HollywoodLifeIsGarbage is still true and HollywoodLife is still fake.

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