HollywoodLife Wrongly Claims Jennifer Aniston Pregnant

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HollywoodLife Jennifer Aniston Pregnant

By Shari Weiss |

HollywoodLife Jennifer Aniston Pregnant

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HollywoodLife is wrongly claiming Jennifer Aniston is pregnant… again. Gossip Cop can confirm she is NOT pregnant… again.

“Jennifer Aniston Wears 3 Baggy Outfits Amidst Pregnancy Rumors,” the sensational site says in headline, going on to ask, “Is Jennifer Aniston’s alleged bump the biggest mystery of 2016? With all eyes on her mid-section for a hint of pregnancy, the actress opted to wear nothing but baggy clothes for an entire weekend in NYC. Suspicious much?”

The webloid further writes, “Is she or isn’t she? The rumors have swirled on and off for years, but this time Jen doesn’t seem to be fighting back against talk that she might be pregnant!” Um, what?! Aniston began “fighting back” almost as soon as the “rumors” started nearly a full week ago on the cover of In Touch.

The star’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop point-blank that Aniston is NOT pregnant, and even shamed the tabloid for speculating about a possible bump. HollywoodLies now deserves that same shame, particularly since this is the second time it has run such a speculative story in the last five days. And let’s not forget all the other false pregnancy reports the site has published about Aniston over the years.

Gossip Cop has examples in our archives from 2011, 2013, 2014… And even after all this time, it seems the outlet rather remain clueless and ignore the truth in favor of capitalizing on search traffic from those wondering if Aniston is actually expecting. If you want more and more lies, go to HollywoodLife. If you want the truth, stick with Gossip Cop.

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Jennifer Aniston is pregnant.

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