HollywoodLife Flips-Flops On John Cena Wanting Children With Nikki Bella

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John Cena Children

By Michael Lewittes |

John Cena Children

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HollywoodLife has now flip-flopped on its fake news stories that falsely maintained that John Cena and his fiancee Nikki Bella were looking forward to having children and starting a family. Three months after Gossip Cop called out the untrustworthy website for its made-up articles, the outlet has done a 180 and now reports the couple doesn’t want kids. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), the blog makes no mention of its fabricated posts from April.

Gossip Cop, however, not only prides itself on its dedication to fact-checking, but also on its long memory. After Us Weekly published a new interview with Cena, in which he reaffirmed that he doesn’t want kids because he doesn’t “know how good a dad” he would be, the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLife writes, “It’s no secret that John Cena, 40, doesn’t want kids.” That’s interesting because on April 3, website published two stories that said the complete opposite.

The first article was titled, “John Cena & Nikki Bella Desperate To Start A Family? Her Surgery ‘Changed Everything.'” In that made-up story, one of HollywoodLies’s seemingly fabricated insiders said, “[John] wants to make all of Nikki’s dreams come true, and that includes having children.”

The site followed up that phony article with a second that had the headline, “Nikki Bella Changed John Cena’s Mind About Not Wanting Kids: He’s Ready For A Baby.” In that manufactured post, the serial fibbers maintained, “John believes that Nikki is the right person to start a family with and it is her love that has opened him up to having children.” That’s a far cry from the current report that says definitively, “It’s no secret that John… doesn’t want kids.”

Either HollywoodLies has the worst sources in the business or, as widely suspected, the site just makes up fictitious stories. Regardless, it’s clear the outlet rarely fact-checks. Otherwise, it would not be so wrong so often and have to constantly flip-flip.

Mostly, though, it’s totally disingenuous of the website to now pretend it didn’t publish a number of articles that alleged the complete opposite of its latest article. Below are the headlines from the site’s two wrong articles that asserted John Cena wanted children with Nikki Bella, as well as its new, 100 percent contradictory report.

John Cena Kids


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