HollywoodLife Flip-Flops On Kim Kardashian Filming Son’s Birth

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HollywoodLife Flip-Flop Kim Kardashian Film Birth

By Shari Weiss |

HollywoodLife Flip-Flop Kim Kardashian Film Birth

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HollywoodLife is once again flip-flopping after being caught in a lie, and Gossip Cop won’t stand for it.

Back in September, HollywoodLife ran a made-up “exclusive” falsely claiming Kim Kardashian planned to film the birth of her baby boy. A so-called “source” for the webloid alleged she wanted to “capture every glorious moment of her life on camera – and this will be one of them.” Gossip Cop exclusively debunked the report, with a rep for Kardashian telling us the story was “false,” as the star had no plans to have cameras in the delivery room.

Gossip Cop was 100 percent right. Kardashian’s birth on Saturday was not filmed. Son Saint’s arrival was not caught on camera.

And now HollywoodLife has a new story saying exactly what we already reported three months ago. Even worse, the bad blog makes no mention of its previous report in which it claimed exactly the opposite. The site takes no responsibility for contributing to the spread of misinformation.

And HollywoodLies is STILL publishing complete fabrications. On Monday, the webloid outrageously alleged Kardashian received a congratulatory call from Prince William and Kate Middelton. And it was Gossip Cop that exclusively set the record straight on Tuesday morning, after a palace insider assured us no such conversation ever took place.

This much is clear: HollywoodLife has no regard for accuracy and no respect for its readers. It does not practice journalism. Its supposed celebrity news is all carefully constructed to capitalize on hot topics and trick Google. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.


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