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HollywoodLife is still pretending to have sources close to Harry Styles. But by recently flip-flopping in its reporting on the singer and Tess Ward, the fabrication factory has actually proven that its stories are actually made up. Allow Gossip Cop to explain what's going on.

While the webloid routinely publishes fake news about a range of celebrities, it has recently increased the number of stories about Styles. That's because with the singer releasing his debut solo album, the site knows there's increased in interest in the British star both personally and professionally. So by offering original content, even if it's made up, HollywoodLies can get traffic by duping fans and gaming Google.

But while regularly breaking the key journalism principle of accuracy, the outlet also rarely follows another tenant: Consistency. And by publishing contradictory stories, the online publication actually exposes itself as a fraud. Gossip Cop can demonstrate how by showing the timeline and content of claims related to Styles and Ward.

After it was first reported the One Direction member was dating the British food blogger, HollywoodLies claimed to have an "exclusive" all about Styles' relationship with his "new chef girlfriend." In the article, the webloid alleged it knew private information about the romance, like how he supposedly serenades and cooks for Ward. The next day, though, the site was referring to her as Styles "rumored" girlfriend. But didn't the blog just have details about their personal life together the day before?

That was followed by another "exclusive" contending Styles wants Ward to join him at the after-party for the Dunkirk premiere. Yet in a subsequent story, the blog was back to being unsure about their status, writing, "If Tess is dating Harry, she's clearly going to have to get used to the fame, though. All signs point to a relationship between the pair." The outlet next picked up a report about how the pair is "really into each other" and the coupling is "heating up."

How, then, to explain the publication's latest headline: "Harry Styles Taking His Tess Ward Romance Slow: He's Focusing More On Solo Career." That exclusive was all about the two not being in an "official" relationship and Styles considering himself "single," with all his time being spent on music. If that's the case, why did HollywoodLies have a previous excusive about all the time Styles and Ward are spending together and what they do when they're alone? Naturally, though, while insisting nothing much is going to on between them, the blog also tried to cover itself by adding that Styles is "definitely not willing to let her go." Huh?

None of the reports jive. In one article, Ward is his girlfriend and there's "exclusive" details. In the next, they're only "reportedly" dating. Back and forth the webloid goes, and it's enough to give readers whiplash. The inconsistent takes prove what Gossip Cop has said all along: HollywoodLies doesn't have Styles sources. If it did, the site wouldn't constantly be reversing course and flip-flopping between dating and not dating. Its insiders, if they truly existed, would know one way or another what's really going on.

It's worth noting that the blog's own commenters aren't even buying what it's trying to sell. On the most recent article about Styles not really dating Ward, despite the previous posts to the contrary, one person astutely observed about the manufactured quotes, "Really, these all-angles-covered soundbytes, can they get anymore ridiculous?" Another rightly pointed out, "Nobody and I mean NOBODY close to Harry or Tess is going to tell you anything about a relationship that neither will talk to the media about. Bravo though on the click bait."

And that's really what this is all about: Clickbait. That's why HollywoodLife named Styles its "star of the week" earlier this month. That's why it keeps churning out stories about Ward, even if each new report contradicts the last. But far from showing that the publication really has Styles insight, all the inconsistency proves the outlet is just pretending, and poorly pretending at that. See the timeline of headlines below.

5/8: "Harry Styles Dating Gorgeous 'Naked Diet' Chef Tess Ward: He's 'Besotted' With Her"
5/8: "Tess Ward: 5 Things To Know About Harry Styles' Alleged New Girlfriend"
5/9: "Harry Styles 'Cooking For' New Chef GF Tess Ward During Romantic Date Nights"
5/10: "Harry Styles' Rumored GF Tess Ward Goes Completely Topless In Steamy Spa Session — Pic"
5/11: "Harry Styles & Tess Ward To Debut Their Romance At The 'Dunkirk' Red Carpet Premiere?"
5/14: "Harry Styles' New Girlfriend Tess Ward Claps Back At Jealous Trolls 'Be Kind To Me'"
5/17: "Tess Ward Can't Stand The Attention That Comes With Dating Harry Styles: 'I Want A Break'"
5/17: "Harry Styles & Tess Ward 'Really Into Each Other' — Romance Heating Up"
5/19: "Harry Styles Taking His Tess Ward Romance Slow: He's Focusing More On Solo Career"

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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