HollywoodLife and MediaTakeOut are shamefully spreading false claims about the Las Vegas shooting. After a gunman murdered 58 people and wounded hundreds more, the webloids decided to regurgitate disproven conspiracy theories rather than deliver straight facts. This is reprehensible.

On Tuesday, MediaTakeOut is blaring, "MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: New Video Proves BEYOND A DOUBT... That There Were TWO SHOOTERS In The Las Vegas MASSACRE!! (Why Are The Police... LYING??)." The site writes in the accompanying story, "Ever since the Mandalay Bay massacre in Las Vegas we've been wondering - whether the government was HIDING SOMETHING about the case. Well now it seems pretty clear - they are. A new series of video proves BEYOND ALL DOUBT - that there were at least TWO shooters in the massacre."

Authorities in Las Vegas, however, have already refuted speculation that the assailant was joined by a second shooter. Though this was already debunked days ago, officials reiterated on Monday that there's "no evidence to show there was a second shooter." It takes a lot of nerve for an outlet that is nicknamed MediaFakeOut for its propensity for sharing misinformation to suggest that it somehow knows better. It also takes a lot of gall for an outlet to see MTO's article and decide to copy it.

But that's what HollywoodLies did, exclaiming in its own headline, "Las Vegas Shooting: Were There 2 Shooters? Viral Video Suggests Stephen Paddock Had Help." The online publication writes, "Did Stephen Paddock really act alone? Disturbing new video from the Las Vegas shooting that left 58 people dead has surfaced — leading many to believe that two guns were being fired at the same time." The webloid credits MediaTakeOut for the video and has no other source to back up the theory that the gunman "had help."

Now, to the site's credit, HollywoodLife does acknowledge that the claims of multiple shooters have formally been denied, and even quotes one of the assistant sheriffs investigating the case. But then why publish the already debunked allegations in the first place? Gossip Cop has already pointed out two examples of HollywoodLies exploiting the Las Vegas shooting with made-up stories. This is another attempt at capitalizing on a tragedy with fake news.

Both HollywoodLife and MediaTakeOut market themselves as pop culture-driven news outlets. But there is no news value in spreading untrue information about a massacre. And there's certainly no entertainment or celebrity angle to these stories about the number of shooters. In addition, purely on a human level, Gossip Cop cannot understand the hurtful thinking that goes into choosing to publish debunked information about a deadly event that affected hundreds of people, where one's conscience is outweighed by a desire for clicks. May we all do better.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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