The Weeknd, Selena Gomez Quotes Posted By HollywoodLife Are Fake

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Selena Gomez The Weeknd

By Michael Lewittes |

Selena Gomez The Weeknd

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It’s obvious The Weeknd and Selena Gomez have strong feelings for each other, considering they have been dating for several months and are openly affectionate in public. And it’s also obvious, after Gossip Cop has spoken to sources close to The Weeknd and Gomez, that HollywoodLife makes up or posts fake quotes from sources who fabricate comments about the two singers. We’re assured no actual insiders are speaking to the repeatedly discredited site.

In its latest tall tale, the often ridiculed outlet has a so-called “source” allege The Weekend “loves it” when his girlfriend attends his concerts. The same supposed “source” is further quoted as saying The Weekend wants to be the “best boyfriend” to Gomez. The highly suspect insider adds the couple is “really cute” and “sweet together.” That’s then followed by the “romantic” gestures The Weeknd does for his girlfriend, including “sending her flowers.” And, claims the same seemingly concocted source, The Weeknd “would do anything” for Gomez and “treats her like a queen.”

Show of hands, who really believes these quotes came from an actual insider? Please read the quotations again. Basically, they are a collection of run-ofthe-mill and obvious comments. Obviously, he “loves” when his girlfriend comes to his performances. Obviously, he wants to be the “best boyfriend” to her. Based on public appearances, they obviously are “sweet together.” Obviously, to the best of their abilities, boyfriends treat their girlfriends “like a queen.” The most obvious thing, however, is that HollywoodLife is publishing made-up or fake quotes.

There is no real insight. There is no real reporting. There are no real sources. These are simply really obvious observations about the young couple. Again, Gossip Cop has checked with sources close to both The Weeknd and Gomez, and they assure us no one from either of their camps is speaking to HollywoodLies, as it has become known.

As Gossip Cop has previously reported, Gomez publicly called HollywoodLife “the worst in an interview. And just two weeks ago, we exposed the webloid for manufacturing a fake pregnancy story about Gomez that relied on an alleged “source,” who kept referring to The Weeknd as “Abe” when his real name is Abel. Yes, that article was also obviously made-up.

Still, Gossip Cop fact-checks every story, no matter how painfully obvious it is that they’re based on fake or no sources at all. Regardless, an individual who works with The Weeknd calls the current article “stupid” and “fake news.” And a Gomez confidante says HollywoodLies “just prints whatever they want.”

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