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HollywoodLife regularly publishes untrue stories about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. We know because Gossip Cop fact-checks their articles and often proves them to be false and made-up. Occasionally, that site tries to weasel out of its web of lies, and that's what appears to be happening now with its string of phony reports about Jolie dating and preparing to marry a (non-existent) wealthy British lover. Curiously, even though the blog previously alleged to have details about their supposed trysts in Malibu, the outlet never came up with a name for this (imaginary) man.

In any event, about a month ago, a Jolie insider told Gossip Cop that while the actress doesn't often pay attention to all the falsehoods written about her, a number of the tall tales (from HollywoodLies, as it's known) about her having a British boyfriend were brought to her attention, and Jolie called them "untrue." For full disclosure, Gossip Cop fully expected the often discredited site to retreat back then, but it waited nearly 30 days to come up with its latest concocted article that boasts "the truth about her rumored lover."

"The truth?" That's hilarious coming from a site that's been responsible for publishing an absurd number of lies about Jolie. After claiming that she was hooking up with Johnny Depp, then dating Jared Leto, the untrustworthy blog falsely alleged Jolie was getting back together with Pitt. But when Gossip Cop debunked all those bogus narratives, the repeatedly disproven outlet claimed Jolie was prepping for a wedding with her unnamed lover. Much like many of HollywoodLies' other stories, that too was a complete fabrication.

Now that shameful as well as shameless webloid writes, "Rumors have been swirling that she's found a brand new boyfriend. That couldn't be further from the truth!" Stop right there. The rumors were made-up and spread by none other than HollywoodLife.

The questionable outlet further spews, "A new boyfriend is something that Angie just doesn't have time for." That's interesting, because HollywoodLies made time to come up with fake romances for her with Depp, Leto and the unnamed wealthy Brit. Still unable to break its habit of lying, the site once again vaguely (and contradictorily) throws out toward the end of its latest article how Jolie supposedly now "has a lover, but that's as far as it goes."

What's his name? How did they meet? How tall is he? Does he have blond or brown hair? What does he do for a living? Is it still the same (make-believe) British man? And what happened to her getting married?

Naturally, the site doesn't have any of those answers because it appears to be making up stories about Jolie as it goes along. Gossip Cop reached out to HollywoodLies to offer any type of proof to back up its new seemingly fabricated report. We expect to hear back from them at around the same time their story checks out, which we anticipate to be around one week from... never.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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