HollywoodLife Makes Conflicting NBA Championship Predictions

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Since HollywoodLife is so often wrong with its celebrity reporting, perhaps that’s why the repeatedly discredited site has now posted two conflicting stories about which team will win the NBA championship, all within the span of 48 minutes. The first story, “NBA Finals: Why LeBron & The Cavaliers Will Win The Title,” was posted at 3:12 p.m. Then the amnesiacs at HollywoodLies, as it’s become known, published a second story at 4 p.m. titled, “Golden State Warriors: Why They’ll Beat The Cavs & Win The NBA Championship” (below). Huh?

Admittedly, the first article, which predicts victory for James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, is more of an opinion piece. If the second story were similarly a first-person prediction, we wouldn’t be scratching our heads nearly as much. But the article about why the Golden State Warriors will beat the Cavaliers is not an editorial. It’s just a breakdown of the Warriors’ stats going into the finals, and how “the depth of their bench” and cohesiveness will help them win this third NBA champion showdown between the two teams. Additionally, it makes no mention whatsoever of the story that preceded it by just 48 minutes.

Does it surprise Gossip Cop that HollywoodLies would flip-flop in under an hour? Not really. In just the past two weeks, for instance, we have busted the unreliable webloid for switching its claims about Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole, Harry Styles and Tess Ward, and Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

As Gossip Cop previously noted, the site changed its tune from claiming Payne was marrying Cole to them not planning to tie the knot, following an interview in which the One Direction singer himself shot down wedding reports. Just two days later, after publishing a number of articles, the outlet flip-flopped about whether Harry Styles was dating Tess Ward. And just under a week after that, the webloid did yet another about-face. After posting several stories alleging Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson had split, the site reversed itself again and gushed about how happy they are together.

A skeptic might say HollywoodLife’s latest attempt to play both angles by posting conflicting stories about the Cavaliers and Warriors winning the NBA championship is nothing more than a cheap attempt to game Google searches. Or maybe this is the site’s way of being only 50 percent wrong instead of 100 percent inaccurate, as it occasional is. Either way, Gossip Cop is calling a foul on the site’s form of journalism, which is nothing more than throwing everything against the wall, and seeing what sticks.

NBA Championship Predictions.


NBA Championship Predictions


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