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HollywoodLife is flip-flopping on whether or not Chris Pratt and Olivia Munn are dating. They aren't, but the ill-informed website has spent most of this month promoting false rumors and speculation. Gossip Cop can bust the outlet, which isn't taking any responsibility for spreading misinformation.

"Is Chris Pratt Secretly Dating Olivia Munn After His Split From Anna Faris? — Report Says Yes," the blog declared in a headline on January 3. The outlet asserted that Pratt didn't have the "breakup blues" because he was now involved with Munn. The online publication quoted heavily from a tabloid article, but made no effort to fact-check the information. HollywoodLies, as it's known, only noted that "the actors have yet to address the reports or confirm a relationship." But real journalists wouldn't have regurgitated the romance claims without knowing whether or not they're accurate.

The very next day, January 4, the site helped fuel the rumor with a follow-up post titled, "Anna Faris Once Told Olivia Munn That She Was Chris Pratt's 'Dream Woman.'" The piece began, "Chris Pratt is reportedly dating Olivia Munn, and one person who thinks they'd make a perfect couple... is Chris's ex, Anna Faris." The basis of the claim was a nearly two-year-old episode of Faris' podcast, in which Munn spoke about wanting an eagle tattoo. Faris said in response, "Oh my God, you're my husband's dream woman. My husband loves eagles."

"Perhaps the circumstances were a bit different," acknowledged the website, "but the coincidence is very eerie." HollywoodLies further stated, "It's all really strange to hear Anna possibly predict Olivia and Chris's alleged romance, nearly two year in advance. Is Anna psychic or is this just a weird coincidence?" Again, the publication didn't bother to investigate whether it was even true Pratt and Munn were now dating. And Faris' 2016 remark, of course, was not evidence that they were.

Then on January 20, the outlet wrote about the pair again, blaring, "Chris Pratt & Olivia Munn Spotted Out On Date Together — Has He Landed His 'Dream Woman'?" Just like it did initially, HollywoodLies picked up its claims from elsewhere without giving any consideration to accuracy. The website said Pratt had "hit the dating scene" because he and Munn were supposedly "spotted dining out" together. Gushed the blog, "We can already imagine these 2 together and we're certain they'd make a super-cute couple!" Readers were even asked, "Are you hoping a new Hollywood couple is blossoming?"

It wasn't until the following day, January 21, that HollywoodLies reversed course. And the site only did so because Munn herself spoke out to set the record straight. "Olivia Munn Slams Chris Pratt Dating Rumors By Posting Text To Anna Faris: 'It's Not True,'" read the new headline. In the story, blog flip-flopped from its previous tales and declared that Pratt and Munn "are NOT dating." The outlet didn't finally decide to investigate and fact-check. It merely pointed to posts Munn shared on Twitter and Instagram in which she made it clear there's nothing romantic going on between her and the actor.

So now the publication asked readers, "What do you think of Olivia slamming the dating rumors between her and Chris?" At no point did HollywoodLies offer a mea culpa for contributing to the rumors that the actress was slamming. And this flip-flop actually proves what Gossip Cop rightly said months ago: No one close to Pratt talks to the disreputable website about his personal life.

In the wake of his split from Faris last August, the blog spent the end of the summer and the fall claiming to have "exclusives" about him, such as one in October in which it claimed to know Pratt was "heartbroken" over Faris dating Michael Barrett. If the site really had "sources" and "insiders" close to him, as claimed in that story and ones that came before it, why didn't HollywoodLies check in with those contacts to find out if the Munn dating rumors were true?

It's clear: The publication doesn't actually have access to Pratt's world, which is why it ran with inaccurate claims and only changed the narrative because Munn spoke out. Both are owed an apology. See screengrabs below.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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