HollywoodLife Flip-Flops On Beyoncé And Jay Z Divorce (PHOTOS)

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HollywoodLife Beyonce Jay Z Divorce

By Shari Weiss |

HollywoodLife Beyonce Jay Z Divorce


Beyoncé and Jay Z are not getting divorced, as Gossip Cop has accurately reported. But you might be confused if you rely on a certain webloid for updates about the superstar couple. Allow us to set the record straight and expose the flip-flopping.

On Tuesday, HollywoodLife published a story with headline, “Beyoncé & Jay Z Look More In Love Than Ever At Clippers Game — Sweet Pics.” The site wrote, “What marriage troubles? When Beyoncé and Jay Z attended the Los Angeles Clippers game on Feb. 29, they certainly shut down any rumors that divorce was looming — Bey and Jay looked totally in love!” But the very next day, the outlet changed course.

“Beyoncé & Jay Z Divorce Shocker: She Announces Marriage Is Over At Kelly Rowland’s Birthday,” read the headline of a story posted on Wednesday. Picking up a report from Life & Style, which Gossip Cop debunked, HollywoodLies said, “Beyoncé and Jay Z have been fighting non-stop,” and that “it has gotten so bad that Bey broke down at Kelly Rowland’s birthday party and announced she was planning to ‘end her marriage’ to Jay!”

Later Wednesday, the webloid did another story with the headline, “Beyoncé & Jay Z Divorce: They Refuse To Speak To Each Other Unless It’s About Blue Ivy.” In that piece, the site claimed, “Beyoncé and Jay Z are on the verge of a nasty divorce, per a new report. Not even their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, may keep them together as Bey and Jay ‘barely communicate’ with each other anymore.”

So, how to explain HollywoodLife’s Thursday headline? “Beyoncé & Jay Z Put Split Rumors To Rest Looking Cozy In Clippers Courtside Seats,” declared the outlet. The site said, “Jay Z and Beyoncé want people to know they are still very much in love! While divorce rumors swirl around music’s power couple, they got cozy sitting courtside at the Clippers game and totally shut the reports down!”

To recap: HollywoodLies went from “more in love than ever” to “marriage is over” to “refuse to speak to each other” to “put split rumors to rest.” It’s no wonder Gossip Cop is getting whiplash. With no sources of it own, and not caring to do any fact-checking, HollywoodLife flip-flopped between angles, running whatever story it saw fit at the time to bring in traffic.

That shows no respect for Beyoncé and Jay Z, no respect for readers, and no respect for journalism. There’d be no “rumors” to “put to rest” if outlets didn’t run them in the first place, disregarding accuracy in favor of click-bait. See the pathetic trickery below.



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