“Hollywood Turning Against” Taylor Swift?

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Hollywood Turning Against Taylor Swift

By Shari Weiss |

Hollywood Turning Against Taylor Swift

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Hollywood is NOT “turning against” Taylor Swift, despite a mean-spirited story from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can bust the cruel report.

OK! asks in Wednesday’s new issue, “She’s famous for her #squad, but are Taylor Swift’s celeb friends secretly frenemies?” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “She used to be such a nice girl; now she’s a self-obsessed queen bee with no self-awareness whatsoever. Even her ‘best friends’ have started to make fun of her behind her back because they’re sick of her controlling ways.”

The article goes on to claim that Swift’s “over-the-top intensity” is “irritating her lady friends, even as she collects more of them.” And yet the only “example” given is the supposed snitch saying, “Taylor bakes cupcakes and then makes everyone eat them or she’ll get mad.” Oh, the horror!

But never once is it said how Hollywood is allegedly “turning against” the superstar, nor is it said which squad members are supposedly talking “behind her back.” In fact, the only celebs mentioned by name are people like Miley Cyrus and Chloe Grace Moretz, stars known not to be part of Swift’s clique. It seems the tabloid just wanted to make the singer look bad, even though it couldn’t provide anything to actually back up its sensational statements.

And it gets more embarrassing… for the outlet. The cover of this OK! edition very clearly features a photo of Swift with the line, “Taylor Dumped By Calvin?” (See below.) But nowhere in the magazine is there a story about Swift getting “dumped.” In fact, the “Hollywood” piece only states in a tiny photo caption, “Taylor was sans Calvin Harris at the Met Gala; rumors flew that even he’d tired of her queen-bee ‘tude, and given her the slip.”

Well, it’s OK! that deserves the slip. Gossip Cop already busted “rumors” falsely claiming Swift attending the Met Ball solo meant she and Harris had split last week. If Gossip Cop had to guess, the tabloid likely knew the breakup allegations were untrue and made a last-minute change to the friendship angle, but forgot to also change its cover. It’s transparent, pathetic, and all rooted in fiction.

Taylor Swift Dumped Calvin Harris OK Cover


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Hollywood is turning against Taylor Swift.

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