Hollywood Stars Slam President Donald Trump On Independence Day

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Hollywood Stars Donald Trump July Fourth tweets

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Hollywood Stars Donald Trump July Fourth tweets

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While many celebrities simply sent Fourth of July tweets to mark Independence Day, a number of others have used the national holiday to make political statements about Donald Trump. See how some Hollywood stars are slamming the president on Independence Day.

Stephen King wrote, “Happy 4th of July, all you Twitters, here and elsewhere. I love my country; it’s just the president that makes me want to blow lunch.” Samantha Ronson, who was born in Britain, but recently became a U.S. citizen, didn’t mince her words. She tweeted, “I’m super excited to be celebrating my first July 4th holiday as an American citizen and it is with great pride I now say- F**K DONALD TRUMP.” “As we celebrate 241 yrs. of this great experiment, we pray our cherished democracy withstands most ignorant & corrupt POTUS in US history,” shared Rob Reiner.

“G-D BLESS AMERICA & I really mean it this year. Me & my family won the life lottery. We are Americans,” expressed Tom Arnold, before adding, “unless Trump gets even madder at me:).” He then went on a multi-tweet rant about the president that included, “another fact: America has always been great and getting better all the time. It would take a real idiot to screw that up. #TrumpTrainToHell.”

Conan O’Brien cracked, “Today, we Americans celebrate our independence from Britain while planning our escape to Canada.” Seth Meyers offered, “Happy 4th! So lucky to live in a country where we’re free to make fun of those in power.” Alec Baldwin, who has not shied away from mocking the president, was more measured in offering, “God bless our country, even in the face of these unpredictable and overwhelming times.
Perhaps especially now.” And while Rosie O’Donnell did not share her own thoughts, she seemed to endorse the swipes taken by King and Reiner, having retweeted both their messages.

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