WATCH: Hollywood Anderson AMAZES On American Idol With Original Love Song “My Best Friend,” Makes Jennifer Lopez Cry

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Hollywood Anderson American Idol Video

By Shari Weiss |

Hollywood Anderson American Idol Video


“American Idol” showcased one of the best season 14 auditions yet when Hollywood Anderson closed Thursday’s episode with his original song “My Best Friend”. The contestant came on wanting “some golden tickets,” and he managed to snag three with his unbelievable performance. Watch below!

The 22-year-old, born Anderson Footman, revealed he’s currently a homeless busker, singing on subway lines in New York City and its boroughs. He explained to the judges of his original track, “I wrote it about a girl I went to college with and fell madly for. I don’t know, I was in love with her.” That came through clearly with Anderson’s deeply personal lyrics and his raw emotion that had the panel captivated.

Jennifer Lopez could not contain her excitement, and even apologized for talking over Harry Connick Jr. “I’m so hype right now. I was like, I want that song, I wanna record that song tomorrow. But the way you sing it, I don’t want to. I just wanna hear you sing it.” Connick went on to tell Anderson, “Unquestionably the best audition today; the best audition of the last two days; and possibly of the last four cities.”

Guest judge Adam Lambert, who was sitting in for Keith Urban, admitted, “From the first note, I went oh!” Indeed, the one-time “American Idol” runner-up was seen with his eyes closed, grooving to the powerful ballad. He further called the audition “something special,” and when Connick said, “It’s a formality, but I think we should vote anyway,” all three judges held up golden tickets for Hollywood.

Anderson screamed and cried, and then brought in his mentor to share in the joy. After they exited, Connick went on to say the moment was “very powerful stuff,” and why he’s glad he “accepted this job.” And Lopez was wiping away tears. “I wish Keith was here, because he so would’ve went nuts for that,” she said. Check out the full video below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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