Hillary Clinton Defends “What Happened” Book On “The View” – Watch Full Interview Video

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The View Hillary Clinton September 2017

By Shari Weiss |

The View Hillary Clinton September 2017


Hillary Clinton defended her book What Happened on “The View” on Wednesday. During the lengthy interview, she also discussed losing the presidential election. Check out the videos below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the ABC talk show announced last week that Clinton would be on for a live discussion about her memoir, which just came out on Tuesday. But this was already a topic for the program back in July, when the co-hosts argued over Clinton’s plans and the What Happened title. And, on last Friday’s show, after portions of the book leaked, the women had a testy debate over Clinton partially blaming Bernie Sanders for her election loss. Perhaps needless to say, but the panelists were now eager to personally speak with the former presidential candidate themselves.

The segment began with Whoopi Goldberg saying that many expected the first woman president to be named on election night and are now wondering, “What the hell happened?” Clinton then walked out to rapturous applause as Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” played. A man in the audience even screamed, “I love you!” Then Goldberg dove right into things by asking the former Secretary of State why she chose to write her book after such a disappointing experience. “That’s a good question,” Clinton said. “Obviously, I was devastated.” Though she tried to “occupy” herself after the defeat, “My mind was going what happened? What happened?! How did it happen? What could I have done differently?”

“So I said, okay, I’m going to give my best efforts to figure it out, to be as open, as self-reflective as possible, and it was very hard,” she explained, revealing, “I dove into it and it was so painful. I’d write and read research or something and then I’d go lay down. [But] I wanted to pull the curtain back because it wasn’t just about me losing an election. It was a story about our country, about resilience… It really was cathartic.” Sunny Hostin asked about Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling the memoir a “sad” way to end Clinton’s political career, and accusing her of including “false and reckless attacks” for book sales, on top of running the most negative campaign.

Clinton responded, “I honestly don’t pay much attention to what she says.” She then pivoted to say, “We’re not getting the kind of information from this White House that we should,” adding, “Let’s not take all these important issues that we’re facing and try to put them into the alternate reality world of alternative facts…. We need to get back to working together.” Jedediah Bila, however, pointed out that some Democrats and former supporters aren’t supportive of the book, either, and believe Clinton’s writing isn’t about moving forward. “I think they first should read the book,” she retorted.

“What I try to do is say, ‘Here’s what happened, I’m giving you my best assessment,'” Clinton continued, stressing, “But it’s not just about the past. For example, the Russians are still messing with our democracy, and they’ll be as aggressive as they can be… If [Vladimir Putin] can succeed in that, we’re all going to be worse off.” When Joy Behar then told her, “I was sure you were going to win,” Clinton quickly replied, “So was I!” She went on to state, “I would’ve won but for Jim Comey’s letter on October the 28th.” To back up that declaration, she asserted, “We have close elections. That kind of is the reality of our politics right now. But that stopped my momentum, and it really caused enough people to move away from me… The net effect was pretty clear.”

She thought “I had gotten through it,” but election night “was a shock,” Clinton said. “I can’t describe it any other way, because what I thought was gonna happen was it would be a close, hard-fought campaign and I would win… It wasn’t until that night that it really hit me when some results came in that were contrary to what we thought.” But, she noted, “We didn’t cry that night, I’ll put it that way… I felt I had to be strong for my family and my friends and my supporters.” And she had a concession speech to write and deliver. “It wasn’t until that was over and Bill and I got into the backseat of our car that I just felt ugh, and the adrenaline [was gone],” Clinton admitted.

Sara Haines brought up Clinton calling for America to come together to support Trump after the election, and she now stated, “I said it then, I meant it, ’cause we have one president at a time. It’s important for the country, it’s important for the world. I’m not going to deny that I’m not disappointed in what we’ve seen so far.” Going forward, she said, “I hope there can be a greater understanding of what it means to be president for the entire country… Part of the great joy of being American is how diverse we are.”

But Behar said that, given Trump’s denial of global warming and taunting of North Korea, she can’t get behind him. Clinton said the comic can still “express strongly your opinions, which you just did,” and agreed that, for instance, “It doesn’t help for the president on Twitter to insult South Korea.” Bila then went back to the book, saying she was “bothered” that the former First Lady seemed to have “some tone deafness” in regards to issues that led people to vote for Trump. Clinton said she “acknowledge[s]” there are “real issues” that motivated Trump supporters, but said they didn’t get to have a “decent debate” about them.

She argued, “I think we got a reality TV show campaign…. I don’t blame voters. Voters are going to hear what they hear because [of] what someone is telling them, and if they only hear one side, they’re going to believe one side.” At fault, she said, is the media. “The press has to say, how are we going to cover candidates going forward who may take a page out of Trump’s book? The more outrageous you are, the more inflammatory you are, the higher the ratings. And at some point, it’s not a reality TV show, it’s reality,” she said.

Hostin also came to Clinton’s defense, saying that while many have criticized her for supposedly not taking responsibility for the loss, she very much does in the book. That said, the lawyer also brought up the blame she puts on Sanders for his role. “A lot of his attacks on me became increasingly personal, and I was surprised by that,” Clinton said, noting how she immediately endorsed Barack Obama after losing the 2008 primaries and encouraged her followers to do the same. “I didn’t get that respect from him and his supporters,” she said of Sanders. When Bila argued that perhaps Sanders and his camp felt “animosity” after it was revealed the DNC actively worked to get her the nomination, Clinton replied, “Let’s remember. He’s not a Democrat. And that’s not a slam… I think the whole DNC issue was blown away out of proportion.”

To her, the bigger issue is that “Russian propaganda was aimed at Bernie’s supporters, telling them negative things, horrible things, building up these cases against me and my supporters.” She insisted, “We’ve got to sort this all out, because what matters most is what happens next.” Haines asked Clinton if she thinks Trump will last the four years of his term, and she confessed, “I don’t know, and I don’t think that anybody does know. I think there’s a lot to investigate, and I am personally very grateful that somebody at the stature of Robert Mueller would be conducting this investigation.” She added, “What bothers me, and I say this in the book, [is] there’s just too many connections to be called just coincidences… There’s a lot of smoke, and whether or not there’s fire, we need to figure it out.”

Going deeper on this point, she said putting aside whether or not the Trump campaign was involved, “There’s no denying that the Russians interfered in the election, whether or not they had willing or unwitting help… And they have not stopped… This is a clear and present danger to our country.” And, “If the roles were reversed [and she was president]… I would’ve stopped at nothing. I would’ve stood up in front of the country and said, even if it disadvantages me, I’m not going to rest until we know exactly what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Hostin went on to bring up criticism Clinton has received for staying married to Bill Clinton, despite his infidelity, leading her to say, “People say ‘they have an arrangement.’ Yeah, it’s called a marriage. There’s been a lot more happy days than sad days. I’m proud to be married to my best friend.” And when detractors argue that her marriage goes against “family values,” she said that “can be used as such a sword to hurt you and oftentimes, nobody really knows what is the fact[s] and I think it’s time we tried to support people in their decisions.” That prompted both Goldberg and Behar to yell out, “And mind their own business!”

Lastly, Behar mentioned Trump infamously walking around Clinton at one of the debates, and she revealed they actually had a staffer “practice stalking me and saying really nasty things to me, because I wanted to keep my composure” in case that happened. “Then, though, when I was actually on stage, it felt so different,” she conceded. The comedienne then surprised the politician with a sweatshirt featuring a tiger and the phrase “BACK UP,” telling her, “You can just wear this from now on.” To close things out, Goldberg said, “So, since being the most powerful person in the world thing didn’t work out as we planned, there’s still a dream job from your childhood you’d still love to have.”

Clinton said she wanted to be a professional baseball player, but Goldberg told her, “We got something better for you. Would you like to maybe do a little something something with us?” And with that Clinton, not only delivered the show’s sign off, but also announced all audience members were getting copies of her memoir. As Gossip Cop covered at the time, Clinton also appeared on “The View” in April 2016 as part of her presidential campaign. Watch the new videos below.

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