Hillary Clinton Did NOT Make “Surprise Visit” To Beyonce Music Video Set

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Hillary Clinton Surprise Visit Beyonce Set

By Shari Weiss |

Hillary Clinton Surprise Visit Beyonce Set

(Us Weekly)

Hillary Clinton did NOT make a “surprise visit” to the set of a Beyonce music video, despite a report. A spokesperson for Clinton says the story is untrue.

The allegation comes from Us Weekly, which writes, “Hillary Clinton recently paid a visit to the Queen… Bey, that is!” The magazine quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “Beyonce was filming a video and Hillary made a surprise visit to the set” during a supposed shoot in Los Angeles last Thursday. The outlet acknowledges that its alleged insider “could not reveal if the Democratic front-runner scored an on-screen cameo,” and notes, “By the next morning, Clinton had returned to the campaign trail.”

No other details, such as the location of the alleged meet-up or how it managed to go under the radar unlike Clinton’s other heavily-promoted celeb run-ins, are provided. Now a rep for the Clinton campaign is insisting that no such “surprise visit” ever took place. That said, Beyonce and Clinton have spent time together before.

As Gossip Cop reported, the superstar attended a fundraiser for the presidential candidate last year. After the May 2015 event, a photo emerged of the singer mingling with other guests. Clinton’s campaign then used the appearance as an endorsement. Sharing an article about the meeting on Twitter, Clinton’s campaign tweeted, “Say you’ll Bey on Team #Hillary2016, too.”

Beyonce has not come out and openly endorsed Clinton, but she is believed to be in support of the former First Lady’s run for president. Still, Clinton’s camp maintains a secret meeting on a music video set did not happen last week. Beyonce’s team has not commented on the validity of the report.


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