Hillary Clinton Plays A Bartender And Sings On ‘Saturday Night Live’ – WATCH VIDEO

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Hillary Clinton SNL Bartender

By Michael Lewittes |

Hillary Clinton SNL Bartender


Hillary Clinton appeared in a sketch on the season 41 premiere of “Saturday Night Live” in which she played a bartender named Val, who gave advice to Kate McKinnon, who impersonated Clinton. Watch the video below.

McKinnon’s Clinton sat at a bar bemoaning her life, telling Val that she wanted people to relate to her. The bartender, for her part, said she was just an “ordinary” woman who believes the “Keystone pipeline will destroy our environment.” Throughout the bit, much of Clinton’s views on gay marriage and other issues were brought up via the bartender.

When the subject of Donald Trump came up, the bartender imitated him, saying, “Aren’t you all losers?” At the end of their conversation, McKinnon’s Clinton thanked the real Clinton, and said, “You’ve been so easy to talk to,” to which the bartender responded, “Thanks. You know, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that.” Then, McKinnon’s Clinton told the bartender, “I wish you could be president,” to which the real Clinton said, “Me too.” The two Clintons then sang “Lean On Me.”

McKinnon is actually the fourth “SNL” cast member to portray Hillary Clinton. Jan Hooks played the then-First Lady when Bill Clinton was president. Later, when Clinton ran for Senate in New York, she was portrayed by Ana Gasteyer. And during her first presidential run in 2008, Amy Peohler most memorably impersonated Clinton.

The bar sketch marks the second time Clinton has been on “Saturday Night Live.” Back in 2008, Clinton appeared in a skit opposite a similarly dressed Poehler to point out how the actress’ impression was good but not entirely accurate. Clinton recently said in an interview that she loves the impressions of her on “SNL,” first by her friend Poehler and now by McKinnon.

Check out the video below of Hillary Clinton as a bartender on “Saturday Night Live,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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