Hillary Clinton Supports Leslie Jones Following Nude Photo Hack

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Hillary Clinton Leslie Jones Nude Photo Hack

By Andrew Shuster |

Hillary Clinton Leslie Jones Nude Photo Hack

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Hillary Clinton is voicing support for Leslie Jones following the nude photo hack that saw the comedienne’s personal pictures and information leaked onto her website. See below what the Democratic presidential nominee tweeted to the “Saturday Night Live” cast member.

As Gossip Cop reported, numerous celebrities reacted to the leak of Jones’s naked pictures and offered support when the incident first happened on Wednesday, but now the presidential hopeful is weighing in as well. On Thursday, Clinton tweeted, “@Lesdoggg, no one deserves this – least of all someone who brings us so much joy. I’m with you. -H.”

Clinton’s message comes following a wave of Twitter support from both Jones’s fans and fellow stars, including Katy Perry, Anna Kendrick, Emma Watson, Lena Dunham, Ellen DeGeneres, Josh Gad, Ghostbusters director Paul Feig, and many more big names. In addition to Jones’s nude photos being hacked, her driver’s license, passport and selfies with celebrities also leaked onto her site, which has since been taken down.

The anonymous hacker, who Homeland Security is currently trying to track down, also posted a YouTube video featuring Harambe the gorilla at the top of Jones’s page. Jones continues to receive a flood of support in the wake of the cyber crime committed against her, but she’s yet to address the incident herself.

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