Hillary Clinton “Jimmy Kimmel” Video 2016: Watch Full Interview

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Hillary Clinton Jimmy Kimmel 2016

By Michael Lewittes |

Hillary Clinton Jimmy Kimmel 2016


Hillary Clinton was a guest on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” her second appearance on the late-night talk show, and talked about Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, her campaign fundraising and slogans, and more. Kimmel also gave her “mansplaining” tips for her speeches. Watch the video below!

About her fundraising in L.A., Kimmel asked, “Do they give you the money in cash like a wedding,” to which Clinton joked, “Paper bag… No.” But as to why she’s raised a ton of money, the Democratic candidate said, “We have to raise money. I raise a lot of money at events, and I raise a lot of money online.” Clinton, however, said certain “loopholes” in fundraising need to be eliminated.

When asked about Bill Clinton saying President Obama’s eight years in office were “awful,” the presidential candidate tried to explain, “We are both very proud supporters of President Obama,” adding that she doesn’t think the current commander-in-chief get “the credit he deserves for getting as much done in our country.”

She then discussed the Supreme Court nomination, saying the Republication opposition is “just beyond partisanship” and “tearing at the guts of the Constitution.” She further noted that as opposed to her and Sanders’ facing off on the issues, the Republicans have “descended into insults,” and have “not discussed what they would do as president.” Clinton further said of Trump, “I look forward to debating him, and trying to figure out where he stands on issues.”

After Clinton joked Trump may not know who the Canadian Prime Minister is, Kimmel made her read some of her emails and discuss them. They also talked about her take on marijuana and UFOs. Kimmel next asked whether she’s jealous of Sanders’ slogan, “Feel The Bern.” Clinton said she wasn’t. Still, Kimmel suggested a few new slogans for her, including “Netflix And Hill” and “Hillary Rod-Damn!”

At the end of the segment, Kimmel said he could help her win the election through “mansplaining,” which he explained is how men condescendingly “can help women be better.” The talk show host then made Clinton give a speech, but he kept interrupting her and giving chauvinistic advice. He even asked her, at one point, “Do you want to be president or a Lakers girls?”

Check out the full video below of Hillary Clinton on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”


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