Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Fallon Video: Watch “Tonight Show” Interview

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Hillary Clinton Jimmy Fallon Video September 2016

By Andrew Shuster |

Hillary Clinton Jimmy Fallon Video September 2016

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Hillary Clinton appeared on Monday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” during which the Democratic presidential nominee discussed her recent bout with pneumonia, her upcoming debate against Donald Trump, the prospect of becoming the first woman president, and much more. Watch the video below.

Fallon greeted Clinton by putting on a surgical and using Purell on his hands, but the amused candidate assured the talk show host, “I am not contagious.” She revealed she was feeling much better since nearly fainting at a 9/11 memorial in New York City last week, but joked, “Nothing like a little rest when your doctor tells you to and you don’t do it.” Clinton added, “I’m used to just kind of getting up and powering through it, and that’s what I thought I could do. It turned out I couldn’t, so I took a few days off and actually, I think it was good. I got a chance to sort of reflect on this crazy campaign that we’re involved in and decided that I’m gonna talk about what I think needs to happen to help people and try to stay away from a lot of the negative insult stuff that goes back and forth.”

Fallon then noted that Republican opponent Trump had visited “The Tonight Show” this past Friday, and joked that her political rival “left something in your dressing room.” The host then pulled out a bag that contained a heart-framed photo of Vladamir Putin, which Clinton described as “the most famous bromance going.” Also in the bag was a CD of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, to which the candidate said, “That’s as close as he’s gonna get to the wall.” Clinton then went through the bag herself to see what else was in there, and pulled out a few softballs, joking, “Oh, look. He left these for you.”

When asked if she dreamed of becoming president as a little girl, Clinton admitted she didn’t because “it wasn’t even in the realm of the possible for little girls back then.” She noted, “That is what is so exciting about this campaign, because we have slowly but steadily knocked down all the barriers.” The Democratic nominee then went on to insist that all children today should be able to dream about being president in the future, regardless of “where they were born, who their parents are or any other circumstance.”

In regard to the upcoming presidential debate against Trump, Clinton said, “He’s trying to somehow convince people to forget everything he’s said and done. And I don’t think that he’s going to get away with that.” Clinton also assured voters she’ll “protect our country and keep it safe,” describing ISIS as “a barbaric, evil group that we have to defeat and wipe out.” She added, “But it is a constant balancing act, how do you kind of keep your energy, positive spirit while taking seriously what you need to.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Clinton last appeared on “The Tonight Show” this past January. As alluded to above, Trump’s recent appearance sparked a backlash, and it remains to be seen if Clinton’s new sit-down will, too. Check out Clinton’s full video below with Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show.” NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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