Hillary Clinton Jimmy Fallon Video 2016: Democratic Candidate Has Job Interview On “Tonight Show” – WATCH

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Hillary Clinton Jimmy Fallon video

By Michael Lewittes |

Hillary Clinton Jimmy Fallon video


Hillary Clinton appeared on Thursday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” during which the Democratic presidential frontrunner talked about not watching the GOP debate earlier in the evening, rival Donald Trump, how it’s a “tight race” between her and competitor Bernie Sanders, and answered questions during a mock job interview with the talk show host. See the video below.

Fallon began by asking Clinton whether she would watch the Republican debate (which took place Thursday night). She said she doesn’t generally watch the debates live, but eventually does and fast-forwards through them, sometimes with Bill Clinton watching with her. The “Tonight Show” host suggested she turn it into a drinking game in which she takes a shot every time her name is mentioned, but Clinton joked, “I don’t think I’d make it past the first half hour.”

When Fallon then asked her about the upcoming Democratic debate in Charleston, South Carolina between her and Sanders, Clinton reminded the “Tonight Show” host that Martin O’Malley is also still in the race. From there, the “Tonight Show” host asked about Trump, and she said, “He is a lot more obsessed with me than I am with him.” As for whether she’s intimidated by him, the presidential candidate said, “No,” but noted that if she’s the nominee and Trump is representing the Republicans, “It will be quite the showdown.”

When taking about social media, Fallon asked whether they could do a Snapchat, and Clinton happily obliged a couple of times, including one goofy picture, which resulted with the “Tonight Show” host’s eyes popping up and down like a slinky.

As for the primary, Clinton acknowledged it’s a “tight race” between her and Sanders. She felt the early polls, which had her with a commanding lead, were “artificial.” “This is not a job they give away,” noted Clinton about how hard one needs to fight for the nomination.

Next, Clinton talked about her endorsements from Planned Parenthood and the Brady Campaign, which is an organization devoted to the prevention of gun violence. She said she was “honored” to get endorsements from both.

Much like Trump’s appearance on the “Tonight Show” earlier in the week, Fallon similarly put Clinton through a mock job interview. Fallon first asked, “How did you hear about the position?” to which Clinton answered, “Fourth grade social studies.” He followed that up with a question about her “qualifications.” “I have done a lot of work and have references,” said Clinton.

The “Tonight Show” host asked the presidential candidate what her “strengths” are, and she expressed that she’s “tenacious,” “determined,” and can even type, but “in a pinch.” If she had to describe herself on two words, Clinton said they would be “strong” and “focused.” And when questioned by Fallon whether she was “willing to relocate,” to which she responded, “For the right job, I am.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Clinton previously appeared on the “Tonight Show” just four months ago, at which time she talked about immigration, Trump, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, her e-mail scandal, and much more.

During Clinton’s September appearance, she also appeared in a sketch that had her answering a phone call from Donald Trump (played by Fallon), in which the GOP frontrunner said he was going to interview her instead of the “Tonight Show” host. Of course, the bit really served as a vehicle to get across her stance on women’s issues and immigration, all while mocking Trump’s blustery demeanor, his multiple marriage and unique hair.

Trump himself appeared with Fallon for a second time on Monday’s show. Check out the video below of Clinton’s new Fallon interview.


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