WATCH: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Phone Call On ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ (VIDEO)

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Hillary Clinton Jimmy Fallon Donald Trump Tonight Show

By Michael Lewittes |

Hillary Clinton Jimmy Fallon Donald Trump Tonight Show


Hillary Clinton had a phone call with Donald Trump (played by Jimmy Fallon) on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show” during which the GOP frontrunner said he was going to interview her instead of the talk show host. During their conversation, Clinton talked about women’s issues, immigration and her campaign, while Trump offered her some advice such as always “yell” and “pick three things everyone loves, and say you hate them.” Watch the video below.

The bit began with Fallon’s Trump sitting in his living room, with a picture of himself behind him, calling Clinton. After the Democratic presidential candidate asks, “Who’s this?” Trump answers, “Congratulations, you’re speaking to Donald Trump.” He then said, “How are you, Hillary? I haven’t seen you since my last wedding” to which Clinton assured him, “Well, I’m sure I’ll see you at the next one.”

Next, Trump told Clinton, “I just finished the GOP debate. As usual, I was fantastic. Everyone loved me… Now look, I know you’re about to go out for your interview with Jimmy Fallon. But he’s a total lightweight, so I’m gonna do him a favor, and interview you instead.” He began, “You recently said, quote, ‘Mr. Trump insults and dismisses women.’ But tell me, what would you do to help women in this country?” Clinton replied, “Donald, I’ve spent my entire career fighting for women’s rights. I’ll push for equal pay in the workplace. I’ll protect women’s health and reproductive rights, and I’ll make quality, affordable childcare a reality for families… I’m curious, Donald, what is your stance on women’s issues?”

Trump answered, “Look, I know a lot of women, and they all have issues. Next question: How do you plan to get your message across to the American people?” Clinton said, “Well, it’s a long campaign. And as I travel across this great nation, listening to people’s stories, I’m confident that Americans will see they can count on me to deliver for them and their families.” Trump interrupted, “See, you sound like a robot. ‘Bleep blop blorp, does not compute.’ You wanna win? Here’s what you gotta do. First: Yell. I yell all the time.” He then pointed out as he held a dangling cord, “This phone isn’t even plugged in. I’m just yelling, and you’re hearing me.”

The Republican presidential frontrunner next suggested, “Pick three things everyone loves, and say you hate them. Watch: Puppies? Stupid. Rainbows? Total losers. Fall foliage? Tree puberty. Are you writing all this down?” Though Clinton said, “Hold on, lemme just grab my pen,” we actually see she’s picking up a glass of wine and sipping it.

After that, Trump posed another question to Clinton: “Immigration: Wall or giant wall?” But Clinton said, “Donald, America was built by people who came here and worked their hearts out for a better life. That’s what many immigrants are doing today, and their dream is to become American citizens, and you’re trying to stop them. I mean, do you have any idea what it’s like to work so hard for something, to be so close to getting it… but then someone pops up out of nowhere and tries to take it all away.” “Are you talking about Bernie Sanders?” interjected Trump, before adding, “Look, I hate to say this, but I think he’s losing his hair.” “Well, at least he doesn’t have just one strand that he twirls over his head like a soft-serve at Dairy Queen,” shot back Clinton.

Trump conceded, “Toupee, I mean ‘touche.’ Anyway, you’re welcome for this interview. I just really helped your campaign. Your poll numbers are gonna be fantastic. They’re gonna be big.” Clinton then corrected him, ‘Don’t you mean they’re gonna be ‘huuuuuge’?” “That’s right, they’re gonna be HUUUUGE!'” agreed Trump, as the sketch ended.

Check out the video below of Hillary Clinton’s phone with “Donald Trump” on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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