Hillary Clinton Dances The “Dab” On ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ – WATCH VIDEO

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Hillary Clinton dab ellen

By Michael Lewittes |

Hillary Clinton dab ellen


Hillary Clinton learned how to “dab” on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” See the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, the Democratic presidential candidate was on the talk show to discuss such weighty national issues as taking a selfie with Kim Kardashian and Kate McKinnon’s impressions of both her and DeGeneres. Clinton and DeGeneres also managed to talk about the significance of a woman running for president.

But more importantly, DeGeneres’ deejay (and professional dancer) Stephen tWitch Boss taught Clinton, DeGeneres and Tony Goldwyn how to dance the “dab.” Basically, the “dab” or “dabbing” is the move one would make if sneezing into the inside of one’s elbow.

tWitch first did a dance move that included fixing one’s hair and then a “dab.” But for the politician, the professional dancer said, “Mrs. Clinton, you can sign a bill, and then you dab.” And with that, Clinton, as naturally as one would expect, threw her arms up in the air, with her face pointed toward the inside of her right arm. Goldwyn and DeGeneres laughed along as the former Secretary of State tried to dab.

“We got it,” Clinton said confidently afterwards, adding “I got a new one. I’m so happy about it.” The last time Clinton was one the show in September, tWitch taught her how to Whip and Nae Nae. Check out the video below of Hillary Clinton doing the “dab” on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”


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