Hillary Clinton Praises Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez In Billboard Essay

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Hillary Clinton billboard women music

By Michael Lewittes |

Hillary Clinton billboard women music

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Hillary Clinton feels Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez are “something ­special.” The Democratic frontrunner praises those two artists and a number of other Billboard Women in Music 2015 honorees in an essay she penned for the magazine.

In the article, Clinton commends several of the female musicians individually for their accomplishments, including noting Lady Gaga’s coup of becoming the first woman to reach one billion views on YouTube. Mostly, the former Secretary of State writes that she was most impressed by all of the women because of their work ethic and willingness to keep fighting in difficult moments.

“None of these women had success handed to her. They all had to keep at it, even in the face of failure and discouragement — they kept ­singing, kept writing, kept getting better and better,” says Clinton in Billboard. “They did it because they knew they had something ­special to offer the world. They knew their stories and points of view were worth ­sharing. And they were absolutely right about that.”

Clinton also mentions how many of the honorees are trying to leave a legacy beyond the music industry by starting foundations or advocating for causes for which they they feel passionate. Clinton writes that she hopes young girls will look to Lady Gaga, Gomez and the other honorees as role models and inspirations to better their own lives.

“My hope is that women and girls around the world will hear these artists’ songs, learn their stories and feel a greater sense of ­possibility for their own lives. Maybe they’ll recognize ­themselves in these women,” expresses Clinton, adding, “Maybe they’ll be inspired to reach toward their own dreams with greater urgency. Maybe they’ll stand a little straighter or speak a little louder… And if none of that happens, who knows — maybe they’ll just dance.”

Clinton has never been shy about her love of pop music. In June, she released her Spotify playlist in June, which included tracks from Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, and Katy Perry, who performed in October at a Clinton rally in Iowa.

Some of the other Billboard Women in Music 2015 honorees include Demi Lovato, Tori Kelly and Missy Elliott. Country superstar Loretta Lynn will also receive the inaugural “Legend” Award at this year’s ceremony, which is slated to take place on December 11 in New York. As Gossip Cop previously reported in September, Lady Gaga was chosen by Billboard as its Woman of the Year.


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