Hilary Duff NOT “Next Lindsay Lohan,” Despite Cruel Report

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Hilary Duff Lindsay Lohan Comparison

By Shari Weiss |

Hilary Duff Lindsay Lohan Comparison

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Hilary Duff is not the “next Lindsay Lohan,” despite a cruel report that wrongly paints her as a star on the brink of a meltdown. Gossip Cop can debunk this shameful story.

The mean-spirited claims come from Star, which is running a photo gallery on its website titled, “Yikes! Hilary Duff Is Bursting Out Of Her Stained Birthday Skirt.” The sub-headline asks, “Is she the next Lindsay Lohan?” But it’s all ridiculous sensationalism.

Duff is pictured smiling as she exits a New York hotel on Wednesday, the same day she turned 29. Her leather skirt is slightly bunched, and there’s a small spot that appears to be discolored. Apparently that was enough for the tabloid to start sounding the alarms.

“The Duff appeared worse for the wear on her 29th birthday, wearing a high-necked pirate blouse that highlighted her bloated visage,” claims the judgmental outlet, further writing, “The buttons on her too-small leather skirt strained to contain her thighs.” And after saying Duff “gave a strained non-smile to passers-by on the street,” the magazine asks, “Could they have spotted the unsightly residue on her outfit?”

And yet Duff actually looks perfectly normal. She’s put-together in nice clothes and smiling as paparazzi snap her photo while she walks from the hotel to her car. Not to mention, the singer-actress is a successful single mother starring on a hit TV show.

So, why compare her to Lindsay Lohan, someone who’s had pubic meltdowns, multiple arrests, and struggled with a drug addiction? There’s no reason except to be cruel, shameful, mean-spirited, ridiculous and sensational. Star paired non-scandalous photos with scandalous captions all to get people to click through its gallery. Duff has nothing to be embarrassed about, but the tabloid certainly does.


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