Hilary Duff “Misunderstanding” Causes Woman To Bite Husband’s Face (VIDEO)

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Hilary Duff Domestic Dispute

By Andrew Shuster |

Hilary Duff Domestic Dispute

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Hilary Duff was inadvertently the cause of a domestic dispute between a married couple in Kentucky in late December. Brandi and Ethan Lester got into a fight after disagreeing about whether or not the actress was in a television commercial they had just watched. The result? Brandi was later arrested on charges of domestic abuse for biting her husband’s face during the altercation.

Ethan reportedly told police that he attempted to end the “silly” argument by kissing his wife on the forehead, and that’s when she bit him on the chin. But despite calling the cops on his wife, Ethan told local Kentucky news station WYMT that she’s “not a violent person,” and “the whole thing was a misunderstanding.”

Ethan went on to say that he only contacted the authorities because he was “afraid [Brandi] would hurt herself,” and never intended for her to be arrested. The husband blamed “hard times” for the dispute, saying that the couple has “been on edge around the holidays.”

Brandi has been charged with domestic abuse and fourth degree assault, and the couple is not permitted to have any contact with each other until their court day in March. Watch the husband give details about the Hilary Duff fiasco below.


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