Hilary Duff “Career Crisis” And “Weight Gain” Claims NOT True

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Hilary Duff Career Crisis

By Shari Weiss |

Hilary Duff Career Crisis

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Hilary Duff is not in a “career crisis,” nor is she struggling with “weight gain,” despite a mean-spirited report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the misguided story.

“Hilary Duff Body Confidence Issues: Struggling With Weight Gain and Career Crisis?” asks Celeb Dirty Laundry. The accompanying story is primarily based off a paparazzi photo of the star, which prompts the site to write, “The actress was dressed in an oversized sweater, hats and jeans, with both fans and critics alike wondering if she is struggling with both a career crisis, weight gain and ultimately, her body image.”

After claiming Duff’s “appearance has changed drastically over the course of the last several months,” the webloid says, “Of course, there’s also the speculation that the single mother might be having body confidence issues because she’s struggling with her career. Even though Hilary is currently reprising her role as Kelsey Peters in season 3 of TV Land’s hit sitcom ‘Younger’ she has nothing else on her plate as far as her movie and album plans are concerned.”

“Of course, Hilary Duff certainly isn’t as popular as other chart toppers in the industry like Taylor Swift or former Disney star Selena Gomez,” CDL cruelly goes on. “And if it weren’t for her post-Disney fan base, she certainly wouldn’t have a career in acting either. That right there might be a reason why Hilary Duff has given up on her hopes of being an A-list star and worse, her health and weight, too.”

Duff hasn’t “given up” on anything. But Celeb Dirty Laundry gave up on truth-telling a long, long time ago. Here’s what’s going on: The star, who actually looks great, is essentially being body-shamed because she chose to step out in a long-sleeved top. That ridiculously leads the outlet to conclude she’s gained weight and having “body confidence issues.”

And while CDL notes that Duff is currently working on the “hit sitcom ‘Younger,'” she’s also shamed for not having a movie or album to promote, too. But neither of those are signs of a career crisis. In fact, with a successful TV show, Duff’s career isn’t in crisis at all, and she’s been working on new music, too.

The only problem is that Duff isn’t living up to CDL’s expectations of how she should look and on what she should be working. But that’s the site’s problem, not hers. Duff is doing perfectly fine in her personal and professional lives. There is no “crisis.” A rep for Duff further tells Gossip Cop, “She has a lot of wonderful stuff going on in her career. It’s just factually inaccurate” to say otherwise.

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