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Is Jennifer Lopez having a midlife crisis? That’s what one tabloid reported recently. Gossip Cop looked into the accusation and we think the outlet made a bit of a reach with their report.

J.Lo’s Midlife Crisis

read the headline for an article out of Australian tabloid New Idea. The outlet insisted that while Lopez, who turned 51 in July, is routinely praised “for her age-defying appearance,” some fans have supposedly been wondering if the superstar singer has “gone too far in her efforts to turn back the clock.”

Lopez Looking Too Young On Instagram?

The reason for all this speculation? A recent Instagram post Lopez shared that featured her hair styled into two buns, with the singer’s baby hairs slicked down over her forehead in gentle whirls. The outlet, somewhat flatteringly, claimed this new look made Lopez look “like a teenager!”

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Baby hairs and moñitos ??

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The article then went on to quote several decidedly unflattering comments from online users, including one who wrote, “It’s like she’s having a midlife crisis!” which is apparently where the publication got its idea for this story. This is yet another case of celebrities of a certain age, particularly women, being unfairly singled out for everything from their outfits to their hairstyles.

Sure, Jennifer Lopez is in her 50’s, but why does that have to mean that certain hairstyles are off-limits for her? Need we all be reminded that we’re living through a global pandemic that has largely kept the population under self-quarantine in order to stop the deadly spread of Covid-19? Is this photo of Lopez showing off her figure in a bikini a sign of a midlife crisis?

Gossip Cop's Take

If Lopez chooses to spend her time playing with her hair then uploading the admittedly gorgeous results online, who are we to judge her? Or suggest that it’s the symptom of a midlife crisis? Obviously the ongoing pandemic means a slow-down of celebrity news, but this story is scraping the bottom of the barrel and it shows. What an undeniably false story.

Gossip Cop has called New Idea out many times before for their shady reporting. Just last month, the outlet claimed Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez were planning to adopt two children, a boy and a girl. The two supposedly squabbled over whether to adopt a boy, which Rodriguez preferred, or a girl, which Lopez was in favor of. In the end, the tabloid purported, Lopez solved their quandary by suggesting they adopt one of each.

We doubted the story from the beginning, so we reached out to a source close to Lopez who told us the story was not only false, but it was totally “absurd.” This outlet has no insight into the couple’s plans for the future, especially when it comes to Lopez and Rodriguez’s plans for their family.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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