Heidi Klum And Vito Schnabel NOT Broken Up, Despite Inaccurate Reports (EXCLUSIVE)

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Heidi Klum Dumped Vito Schnabel

By Michael Lewittes |

Heidi Klum Dumped Vito Schnabel

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Heidi Klum has NOT been “dumped” by Vito Schnabel, despite recent wildly inaccurate reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the stories. We’re told the couple is still very much together, doing “great,” and will be spending New Year’s together.

Picking up a story from last week’s Star, sister publication OK! claims in its new issue that the Klum and Schnabel have split, and that he’s moved on with Dakota Johnson. The tabloid makes the giant (and completely wrong) assumption simply because the art dealer and the Fifty Shades of Grey star were photographed at New York’s White Horse Tavern.

The magazine quotes a so-called “source” as saying, without anything to back it up, that “the age gap between [Klum] and Vito has always made her insecure.” Gossip Cop can guarantee you the tabloid’s alleged “source” does not personally know the “America’s Got Talent” judge. We’d venture, having been busting inaccurate reports for a very long time, that the entirety of these claims are wild guesses, based on a series of innocent pictures.

In fact, there are no photos of Schnabel and Johnson, who have known each other for some time, doing anything even remotely romantic at the New York bar. Still, that didn’t stop RadarOnline, which is also owned by the same company as OK! and Star, from further fabricating that Johnson and Schnabel were spotted “snuggling” and being “affectionate.” Curiously, RadarOnline posted 14 photos of Schnabel with Johnson and a friend of hers at the White Horse Tavern, and despite its amorous claims, there is not one single picture to bolster its bogus allegations, a point even the webloid’s own readers noted in its comment section.

Additionally, Gossip Cop has learned the pictures were taken at a large holiday party of a mutual friend of Schnabel and Johnson’s, not some clandestine get-together over drinks, as the tabloids have mistakenly portrayed it.

The larger problem, as Gossip Cop often grouses, is that after the same entirely wrong rumors are spun by different outlets, other media organizations pick up the misinformation as fact, and use it for more tall tales. For example, the Daily Mail took benign photos of Klum and her kids going to a drive-thru on Monday to manufacture the headline, “Fast food recovery? Heidi Klum hits In-N-Out burger joint as rumors Vito Schnabel left her for Dakota Johnson persist.”

But it’s all lies. Gossip Cop has spoken to multiple sources and none of these cheating, split or “dumped” stories are remotely true. We’re told Schnabel and Klum are very together and doing “great.” And Gossip Cop can exclusively report the couple will meet up on Sunday in St. Moritz, where they’ll ring in the New Year together during a week-long, romantic ski vacation.

Knowing the skiing conditions in the idyllic Swiss resort town, the only slippery slopes are the ones that were falsely created by the tabloids about Klum and Schnabel.

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Heidi Klum has been dumped by Vito Schnabel for Dakota Johnson.


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