Heidi Klum Teases “America’s Got Talent” Golden Buzzer On “Today” Show (VIDEO)

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Heidi Klum AGT Today Show

By Shari Weiss |

Heidi Klum AGT Today Show


Heidi Klum stopped by the “Today” show on Tuesday to tease her Golden Buzzer choice for “America’s Got Talent.” Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, season 12 of “America’s Got Talent” premiered at the end of May. All of the audition episodes but one have featured the judges or host Tyra Banks pushing the Golden Buzzer to send an act directly to the live shows. The only panelist yet to dole out the advantage? Supermodel Klum. But, as she shared on “Today,” that changes tonight, when NBC airs this season’s final auditions.

Speaking outside the morning show’s studio in Rockefeller Plaza, Klum said of the talent competition, “It’s so much fun. Unless Simon Cowell is driving the banana car.” The judge was referring to a hilarious bit on the show in which the mogul drove his colleagues in a banana-shaped car that made for some really scary sharp turns. “I was sitting in the back of the car and he’s driving this banana car. I had to get out. I’m like, ‘I’m leaving this car. I’m out of here.’ Thank god we were followed by police. I jumped into the police car because he was driving it so fast around the corners,” Klum amusingly recalled.

“Otherwise we have so much fun,” she continued. “We have amazing people on the show.” Asked why she’s been “stingy” with the coveted button, Klum hinted, “Well, it’s Tuesday. ‘America’s Got Talent’ is on tonight. I might hit that Golden Buzzer tonight.” She admitted they know “nothing” about the contestants before the come out on stage, and noted, “We see so many people in one day. Like 60, 70 people come in a day, so it’s the next, the next, the next.”

Klum went on, “I could’ve pushed the Golden Buzzer so many times, because there’s so many amazing people, but today I’m pushing it. I feel it in my gut. I love this person so much, I was like ‘Bam!'” Matt Lauer aptly concluded, “Going from a tease to a promise!” Check out the video below, and come back to Gossip Cop tonight for full “AGT” coverage.

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