Is Heather Locklear’s rumored engagement causing problems within her family? A tabloid claims that the actress’s happiness may be overlooked by her loved ones because they are concerned for her. Gossip Cop can correct the story.

According to New Idea, Heather Locklear has sparked speculation that she is marrying her childhood sweetheart, Chris Heisser. Despite this, the magazine maintains that friends and family of the actress are fearful that the union is “doomed” to fail. The actress was seen in Los Angeles sporting a massive diamond ring on her engagement finger, which the magazine says is proof that Heisser popped the question. “There was no missing it. It was quite the rock,” a so-called onlooker tells the outlet.

Locklear and Heisser dated when they were in high school during the '70s, but the two reconnected in 2016. The publication alleges that the couple’s reunion hasn’t been smooth sailing. New Idea brings up Locklear’s turbulent past few years. The actress checked herself into rehab in August 2019 after she pleaded no contest to eight misdemeanor charges of battery and resisting officers. Locklear was arrested in February 2018 after a domestic call at her home.

New Idea contends Locklear’s parents are still “unhappy” with Heisser following these incidents. “Her parents are very upset that Chris is still in the picture. They believe he’s a bad influence,” a supposed insider tells the tabloid. Regardless of what New Idea is purporting, Gossip Cop can correct this entire narrative. It has been confirmed that Heather Locklear is engaged to Chris Heisser. However, it isn’t true that Locklear’s family and friends are upset with the news. Gossip Cop reached out to a spokesperson for Locklear, who assured us, “Everyone is very happy.” It's also worth noting that more reputable outlets have also confirmed the Melrose Place actress’ loved ones couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

"Heather's family went through a period where they were concerned about Heather and Chris' relationship. When times were difficult they fought endlessly, but Chris has been Heather's rock throughout her recovery," Entertainment Tonight reports. Moreover, the tabloids can’t be trusted when it comes to the actress.

In April 2018, Gossip Cop busted In Touch for incorrectly stating that Heather Locklear was joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The magazine alleged that Locklear’s “post-rehab plans may include a turn on reality TV," and the actress was in talks to join the controversial reality show. Gossip Cop investigated the phony tale and found there was no truth to it. A spokesperson for the actress also confirmed with us that Locklear was never in talks to become a “housewife.”

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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