Heather Heyer’s Mother Tells Ellen DeGeneres: “I’m A Mom On A Mission” After Charlottesville

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Heather Heyer Mom ellen Show

By Shari Weiss |

Heather Heyer Mom ellen Show

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Susan Bro, the mother of Heather Heyer, tells Ellen DeGeneres she’s a “mom on a mission” in the wake of the Charlottesville protests. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Heyer was killed in Charlottesville last month when an alleged neo-Nazi drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters. DeGeneres was among the stars who condemned the violence, and many celebrities expressed support for Bro after she spoke at her daughter’s funeral. Less than two weeks later, Bro announced the start of the Heather Heyer Foundation during moving remarks at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Now DeGeneres invited the grieving mother on to her talk show to further discuss keeping her daughter’s legacy alive by combatting hate. “On August 12, hate showed up in Charlottesville, Virginia, but love also showed up in the form of Heather Heyer,” the talk show host said. “She woke up that Saturday morning to stand up against hate and she lost her life. While it left us speechless, Heather’s mother, Susan, has found a way to empower us all.”

To applause in the studio audience, Bro said, “Hate tried to shut my child up. And she had a message. We agreed on that message, and I feel it’s an important message. I’m not going to be silenced. I’m not going to let her be silenced. I’m a mom on a mission.” While acknowledging her daughter was opinionated, she noted that Heyer also believed in standing up for what is right. “She learned that you have to think about your words, you have to mean what you say, you have to back up what you say,” Bro shared.

She went on to reveal that mother and daughter “loved” to watch “The Ellen Show,” and were big fans of the “two little British girls,” Sophia Grace and Rosie. Bro became emotional recalling their “prophetic” last conversation. “The very last message was on August the 3rd. We didn’t talk all the time ’cause we knew each other was there. But on August the 3rd at 3:55 p.m., she texted me at work and said, ‘What’s your social? What year were you born?’ I told her, and I said, ‘Why [do] you need to know?’ And she said, ‘Well, I’m filling out an insurance policy and I want to make you the beneficiary,'” Bro remembered.

“And I said, ‘Well, okay, but don’t die. I’d rather have you than the money,'” she continued. “And she said, ‘Lolol I’ll try not to.’ That’s the last thing I said to her. So I’m glad I was able to tell her I love her, but I miss her dreadfully.” DeGeneres was amazed by the story, and further marveled over Bro’s take on Heather’s assailant. She explained, “I should be crushed to powder. I lost my child. I can’t even begin to tell you how much love around the world has lifted me up… In many ways, even though we lost Heather, our lives have been enriched in so many ways. The young man whose choices, who thought hate was going to solve problems, whose choices who killed my child, all I keep thinking is, ‘How sad for his mother. She’s lost her son, too.'”

Bro went on, “He’s lost every chance he has in life. There’s no life left for them now and I don’t know how they’re ever gonna find a peace for that. I at least can come to a peaceful resolution for my child.” The matriarch later concluded, “Our message is pay attention to what’s going on the world around you, good, bad or indifferent. Don’t look away… [Heyer] made the right choice at the right time. Everyone is capable of doing that. That’s our message.” She added, “And there are more good people in the world than bad. I’m convinced.”

DeGeneres, who revealed Shutterfly was donating $50,000 to Bro’s new foundation, also addressed Charlottesville on her show earlier this week. Heyer’s friends Marissa Blair and Marcus Martin appeared on the program to discuss that fateful day. Martin saved his fiancée’s life by pushing her out of the way of the car, and told DeGeneres that his broken leg will take up to eight months to heal. Check out those videos below.

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