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It's been a year since one tabloid reported that Vin Diesel would quit his beloved Fast & Furious franchise. Gossip Cop busted the story at the time, but a lot can happen in twelve months. Here’s a look back on this tall tale.

It’s been about one year since stuntman Joe Watts suffered a serious injury in an accident on the set of F9. The Globeclaimed that Diesel, still shaken by the death of co-star Paul Walker, had walked off the set and quit the franchise. An anonymous source told the magazine that “he wants to shut the whole thing down before something terrible happens to anyone else.” Gossip Cop checked with a source close to Diesel, who assured us that this story was incorrect.

Production of the film was indeed stopped for one day after the accident, but it went right back on track. Thankfully, Watts survived the accident. He left the ICU in August and has since been discharged from the hospital. Fans of the franchise have donated over $60,000 for his medical expenses.

F9 should have been hit theaters this past summer if not for COVID-19. The highly anticipated film, which may just include John Cena in space, is now set to be released on April 2, 2021. Vin Diesel is also certainly not leaving the franchise anytime soon. He has the series plotted out to at least a tenth film.

This tabloid has not left Diesel alone since it made up this story. In October 2019, it reported on friction between Diesel and his Fast & Furious 6 co-star Jason Statham. In that story, apparently Diesel was forcing Statham out of the franchise while Statham was frustratingly walking away from the series at the same time. It made no sense, and so Gossip Cop debunked it. Clearly, the Globe doesn’t have any insight into Diesel or the Fast & Furious series.

In this story, the tabloid sought to exploit the tragic death of Paul Walker as a means of stewing up drama for Diesel. This is low, and it’s not the only time the tabloid has done it. Recently, it claimed that John Travolta was quitting Hollywood after the death of his wife, Kelly Preston. We debunked that story, as there is no way for this tabloid to have insight into Travolta’s personal life, and it’s classless to speculate while he’s grieving.

The tabloid missed the mark with Katie Holmes as well, for it claimed in March that she was quitting Hollywood following her breakup with Jamie Foxx. Holmes is not leaving acting behind, as we were told by Holmes’ spokesperson, who said she is “in production on a film.” Diesel quitting the Fast & Furious franchise is just another version of this typical tabloid story where a celebrity supposedly quits Hollywood following trauma. Gossip Cop can happily say for sure that Diesel did not leave his cornerstone franchise behind. Now here’s hoping he really does take the street racers into orbit.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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