“#HarryBeCareful” — One Direction Fans Freak Out Again Over Harry Styles Death Threats Before MetLife Concert

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Harry Styles Death Threats

By Andrew Shuster |

Harry Styles Death Threats

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One Direction fans are freaking out again over death threats targeting Harry Styles now that the alleged “death” date has come.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, “#HarryBeCareful” became a trending topic on Twitter on July 14 after a user going by the name Derek tweeted, “I Made This Account To Let Everyone Know That Harry Styles Will Die, August 5th 2015, At MetLife Stadium.” The user, whose Twitter handles have since been suspended, went on to write, “You Idiots Think That A Stupid Trend like #HarryBeCareful Can Stop What’s Going To Happen…” The user continued to post similarly disturbing messages throughout the day.

Now that August 5 is here and One Direction is slated to perform at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey at night, “#HarryBeCareful” has started trending once again. Some fans believe the death threats are nothing more than a prank. @booksftstyles tweeted, “how silly can you guys be for believe in that stupid rumour? harry is not going to die, stop thinking about it.” @rejxtmuke wrote, “Let’s be real no one would be stupid enough to announce their plan to murder someone.” @drugedlarry added, “lets chill, no one is going to kill harry, thats just some stupid asshole calling for attention.”

But not all Directioners are convinced that the threats are a joke. @arabelllazjm tweeted, “honestly I’m so scared I’m crying please look after yourself.” @94hypnotiches said, “Staying awake until I know he is safe and well. I hope he’s okay and stays okay. I am so scared, can today hurry up please.” @Ethan_W5 wrote, “Around about 5hrs until theyre in Metlife Stadium, I’m so nervous and scared. Why would someone want to do such a thing?”

One Direction obviously has security at every concert, but it’s unclear if any extra measures are being taken for Wednesday’s show. And while the initial threats may indeed just be empty social media nonsense, it’s disturbing that anyone would tweet them in the first place. Tell us what you think of the situation below.

UPDATE: On Wednesday night, fans began posting photos of the supposedly “extra” security at the concert.


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