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Harry Styles is upset with his housekeeper for throwing out his favorite underwear, according to the latest nonsense published by the National Enquirer. It's a silly, light-hearted tale, but never should've been published because it's made-up fake news.

The ridiculous story begins, "You'd never call heartthrob Harry Styles 'stylish' if you eyeballed the totally tattered, hole-y, un-stylish tighty-whitey undies he'd worn day in, day out during his One Direction world tours, but Harry loved those shorts and were devastated when they suddenly disappeared!" The supermarket tabloid quotes a "stylish Styles source" as saying, "Harry used to actually laundry-label his shorts so they wouldn't get mixed up with his 1D bandmates' briefs."

"And when they suddenly went AWOL, he searched everywhere desperately, wondering who might snatch a pair of underwear," this supposed snitch claims to the gossip magazine. "The star's search finally revealed that a no-nonsense housekeeper, spotting the raggedy, ancient briefs on the floor, mistook them for a ratty rag and tossed 'em in the trash!"

To add to the absurdity of this report, the article's text is accompanied by a photoshopped picture of Styles wearing nothing but underwear (see below). The singer never actually posed like that. Rather, the outlet digitally edited a picture of another person to put Styles' head on a random guy's body. But it's not just the snapshot that was manufactured. The entire story was.

The National Enquirer wants readers believe that Styles wore the same pair of underwear on One Direction's four tours, the last of which ended nearly two years ago, and he then had those skivvies lying on the floor of his home, leading a maid to throw them in the trash. And the publication also wants readers to believe that either one of the two parties involved told the tabloid what happened, or they told a third party, who in turn told the tabloid. And the outlet further wants readers to believe that that "source," in completely unnatural language, referred to Styles as "the star."

Not to mention, all this is coming from the same magazine that ran a suspiciously similar story about Kate Middleton less than three months ago. In that piece, it was claimed that Middleton thought her underwear had been stolen from inside Kensington Palace until she discovered a maid had taken the delicates to be washed after finding a bug in the drawer where the items were stored. To be clear, in both versions the celebrity in question thought their undies had gone missing until learning a household staffer was the well-meaning interloper.

Coincidence? Hardly. In both cases, the tabloid completely made up the claims, as Gossip Cop confirmed then and now. At least in Middleton's instance, the National Enquirer new better than to photoshop a picture of the royal in panties.

Harry Styles Underwear Photo

(National Enquirer)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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