Harry Styles, Tess Ward Cooking Story Made Up

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Harry Styles Tess Ward Cooking

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Harry Styles Tess Ward Cooking

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HollywoodLife is at it again. The webloid is once again pretending it has insight into Harry Styles‘ life, this time focusing on his reported new girlfriend, Tess Ward. But Gossip Cop can reveal the story was made up, much like previous ones from the site.

On Monday, The Sun reported Styles is dating Ward. One day later, HollywoodLies magically had an “insider” dishing about their relationship, even though Gossip Cop has repeatedly pointed out the blog does not have legitimate access to the singer’s camp. The article even features a suspicious quote, with its supposed source unnaturally using Styles’ full name to say, “Harry Styles loves being romantic, cooking and serenading his new chef girlfriend.”

The following quote is also odd for its vagueness, with the outlet’s (probably fictional) tipster asserting, “He has been romancing his new girlfriend in the sweetest ways, and she is totally seeing a side of him she didn’t know he had.” And the awkward-sounding description “new chef girlfriend” is used more than once by this snitch. The (likely invented) “insider” also goes on to mention Styles’ old job at a bakery, and contends, “When Harry is not cooking for Tess he has been singing his new music for her too!”

So, what we have here is weirdly-phrased quotes that state vague yet easy to guess information. There’s also another reason to doubt the authenticity of this “exclusive.” Less than 24 hours after publishing this story about Styles and his “new chef girlfriend,” the online publication ran another article calling Ward his “rumored GF” and saying she’s “rumored to be dating” the performer. Huh?

Didn’t HollywoodLies just have exclusive details about their relationship on Tuesday? But on Wednesday Ward is only his “rumored” girlfriend? The webloid’s inconsistency exposes that it actually doesn’t know anything about Styles’ purported romance. The site was just pretending, just like it pretended on Monday to know Styles’ feelings about a One Direction reunion.

Similar to now, though, the blog was really just passing off obvious information as “exclusive” reporting. And while none of these articles are all that significant in the grand scheme of things, fake news is still fake news, and HollywoodLies deserves to be called out for it.