Harry Styles Spotify Glitch NOT Singer’s Fault, Despite Speculation

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Harry Styles Spotify

By Shari Weiss |

Harry Styles Spotify


A Spotify glitch that stopped Harry Styles’ new single “Sign Of The Times” from appearing on the streaming service was not the singer’s fault, despite speculation. Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight.

As Gossip Cop reported, “Sign Of The Times” was released on Friday as Styles’ debut solo song. It is intended to launch not just this next chapter of his career, but also his first solo album. But many Spotify users were unable to find the song, and others reported accessing it only to have it later disappear.

Some speculated on social media that Styles yanked the track or didn’t make it available in the first place. Neither of these rumors is true. On the contrary, Styles, his camp and his record label, Columbia Records, fully expected “Sign Of The Times” to be available. But a technical problem on Spotify’s side ruined the streaming roll-out.

“It’s not his fault,” Gossip Cop is told. Indeed, Spotify is now taking responsibility for the mishap. While premium users should already be seeing “Sign Of The Times” on the platform now, those who aren’t and those who use the free service must uninstall the app and download it again to clear out the stored cache. Once that’s done, the song should be accessible.

It’s still unclear why this seemingly only unaffected Styles’ song and not any other new or old music featured on Spotify. “It’s insane,” Gossip Cop is told. “Obviously no one is happy this happened.” But fans should now be able to listen to “Sign Of The Times” on repeat and can rest easy knowing Styles himself is not to blame.

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