Harry Styles Reveals Stomach Issues Caused Liam Payne To Cancel Concert (AUDIO)

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harry styles liam payne stomach trouble

By Michael Lewittes |

harry styles liam payne stomach trouble

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Harry Styles revealed exactly what caused Liam Payne to cancel One Direction’s Belfast concert on Tuesday. Styles said Payne had stomach troubles, and “it wasn’t pretty.” Listen to Style’s interview below.

During a radio interview with BBC2, Styles was asked how Payne was doing after One Direction canceled their Tuesday show in Belfast, and the shaggy-haired singer noted his bandmate was doing much better. “He’s okay,” responded Styles, adding, “He was trying to get well that night, and he was just very, very ill.”

Even though One Direction issued an apology for canceling at the very last minute, Styles said the band was proud to have lasted five years without ever previously canceling a show. “To be honest, we feel kind of lucky that we’ve got to this point and never canceled one,” he said.

The show’s hosts asked if there was anything they could give Payne as a get well present, and Styles replied, “Pepto-Bismol. It’s a stomach thing.” He went on to say, “It wasn’t pretty.” Styles didn’t reveal anymore details because he didn’t want to embarrass Payne. In any event, One Direction is making up the canceled show on Friday.

Listen to Harry Styles’ interview below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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