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A story purporting to know Harry Styles' feelings about a One Direction reunion was made up, Gossip Cop can reveal. Allow us to explain what's really going on.

Styles performed on the "Today" show on Tuesday morning, just days before his debut solo album comes out. This fall, he heads out on a world tour, and he's already expressed interest in touring next year as well. And with Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson also working on individual projects for the foreseeable future, it's quite apparent a One Direction reunion isn't on the immediate horizon.

While virtually all fans and outlets understand that, HollywoodLife is pretending to have "exclusive" insight about Styles' frame of mind when it comes to the boy band. "Harry Styles Totally Focused On Solo Career: Why 1D Reunion Isn't Even On His Mind," reads the headline of a story posted just hours after his morning show concert. The article dramatically asserts Styles has "completely moved on" from One Direction, and claims the group is "forever in the rearview mirror" for him.

But then the site just states the obvious. A so-called "source," unnaturally using the singer's full name, is quoted as telling the webloid, "Harry Styles loves the fans, loves the great times and loves what One Direction has brought to his life. But he went on 'The X Factor' to become a solo artist." Yeah, and so did Horan, Payne, Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. They all auditioned for the reality competition as solo artists.

The outlet's supposed snitch goes on to say Styles is now "living his dream" (also obvious), and asserts he "wants to take it to the level where he never has to worry about going backwards." In fact, this alleged tipster accuses Styles of only fueling One Direction reunion rumors because it's "fun" and he wants to "keep the fanbase happy." And while alleging the British star is being dishonest about wanting to eventually reunite, the publication's "source" further contends, "That's now his past."

Yet, despite definitively saying One Direction is his "past," the site ends its story by asking, "Are you bummed that One Direction won't be getting back together anytime soon?" Huh? The whole story was all about the group being "forever in the rearview mirror," yet HollywoodLies then modifies its stance to be only that 1D isn't reuniting "anytime soon." But that's not the only contradiction.

While the webloid insists in this article that Styles has "completely moved on" from One Direction, hours earlier, the blog posted a story about how he performed the boy band's song "Stockholm Syndrome" at his "Today" concert. So, how is that completely moved on? HollywoodLies just wants it every which way.

And in this latest piece, the outlet made some rather easy assumptions: Styles is enjoying this next phase of his career and it's all he's focusing on right now. With all that's still in store to support his solo album over the next six months at least, it wouldn't make sense for him to have a One Direction reunion on his mind. So, the online publication crafted a story around that obvious premise.

It wasn't information it would take a rocket scientist to figure out, so HollywoodLies thought it could get away with manufacturing an "exclusive." Well, not on Gossip Cop's watch. We've confirmed time and again that the blog doesn't actually have access to Styles' inner camp, and instead seems to rely on invented "sources" to pretend it has insider knowledge.

Gossip Cop pointed this out just a month ago. The webloid ran an "exclusive" about whether Styles had "baby fever." The story asserted that while the Brit is thrilled over Payne and Tomlinson becoming dads, he's embracing the single life, working on his solo career, and "nowhere near ready to have a child." Again, these were obvious conclusions. Also again, though, the site relied on a seemingly fictitious "insider" to make it seem like this was insight straight from someone close to the singer.

But that wasn't the case in April and it's still not the case in May. And you can't run obvious information and call it an "exclusive" when you don't have real sources The claims may seemingly be true, but when the origins of it are disingenuous, Gossip Cop will still call it as we see it: It's made-up fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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