Harry Styles Penis: One Direction Fans Upset His “Friend Is Missing”

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Harry Styles Penis

By Shari Weiss |

Harry Styles Penis

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No friend of Harry Styles is missing. But according to One Direction fans, his penis is.

On Saturday morning, “#HarrysFriendIsMissing” began trending both worldwide and in the United States. One might think there was serious cause for alarm. Nope.

Fans were actually just upset about Styles’ penis. Apparently the British heartthrob’s nether region, um, stood out in the past. But in new pictures, Directioners were dismayed to see it looking rather, uh, flat down there.

The fandom started tweeting side-by-side comparisons, along with wacky comments, like “HARRY IT WAS SO BIG HOW DID YOU LOSE IT.” Another asked, “How can you lose SUCH a HUGE thing??” Someone else exclaimed, “I JUST DONT GET HOW THERE IS NO BULGE. THAT IS FOR WOMEN. SOME GIRLS CANT EVEN HIDE CAMELTOES. HARRY TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.”

Some created memes, such as a fake wanted poster, and “Finding Nemo” became “Finding Harry’s D*ck.” One individual made a Zayn Malik joke, writing, “maybe his d*ck just wanted to be a normal 22-year-old.” Another observed, “from ‘where’s zayn?’ to ‘where’s harry’s dick’ very fast.”

A different individual complained, “But remember when we could see Harry’s unborn children on a daily basis.” Someone else laughed, “WTF I ACTUALLY THOUGHT ITS ONE OF HARRYS ‘HUMAN FRIEND’ THIS FANDOM NEEDS HELP.” One fan also posted a laughing emoji, writing, “Imagine harry thinking whom of his friends is missing when he sees the hashtag.”

Others, however, thought the trend was upsetting, and worried Styles would be offended. “So people say body shaming is bad but then you make a trend body shaming someone you’re supposed to love?” wrote one person. Someone else exclaimed, “this is such a rude hashtag wtf is wrong with you all.” And another complained, “So did you mean harry must show his d*ck wherever he goes? stop this trend #HarrysFriendIsMissing stop shaming about other people body.”

Gotta love Twitter? Maybe. Tell us if you think the trend is funny and harmless or inappropriate and cruel.


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